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    I kindly suggest if you were to implement a different way to obtain "Zodiac Energy" (Item needed to upgrade Beastial Chi & White Day Charm) or dramatically reduce the items price from 20 phoenix coins to 5 or so.

    This is due to the lack of events and Phoenix coins distributed. Approx 10-15 Phoenix Coins are distributed max per week which is not nearly enough to meet the needs of such an overpriced item.
    Alot of players understand that Phoenix coins are trade-able but still hardly anyone sells them unless it is for a ridiculous price which will eventually lead to a very unstable economy for the server in regards to jadens and gold.

    My suggestion is to add the upgraded Chi's and Charm to the Award Manager, using Feat/Exploit and Fighting confidence to be able to obtain the upgrade just like you use that method to obtain Chi of Nirvana etc.

    Please take this into consideration as these items are quite a vital part of PvP and PvE based scenarios.

    If you would like to make a poll or something to see how many players want the change would work well too.