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    As a fellow JD fan, who has been playing the game for many years. And even rn my own private server for a while.
    I can say that this server is by far the best server I have been on since I was 14 (23 n

    However there are some; noted - controversial, ideas I have bought up to my friends/clansmen. Ideas that I think are a necessary evil. Here they are and why / where I think we should have them.

    1. Instead of Kirin Sigil in cash shop, why not replace it with 20 Coins per 500 jaden?
    Why?: Reason being that we not only cut the need to add more items to cash shop but we also maintain a balance, between Donators and Time Masters.

    2. Add a use for Tachi Pill Packs.
    Why?: Most of us do not use these items anymore, however why not put them to use as a trade item? By allowing us to convert them to either Phoenix Coins or maybe even Heaven Dragon Seals. This opens a pathway for those of us who want to be prepared first before leveling.

    3. Change GM events to only give items that are cosmetic [Mounts, Fashion, Sky-Blades] and none essential to game play.
    Why?: This will mitigate the chances of ranting or even leaving of players when a GM isn't online to do events.