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    It has come to my attention that the item Zodiac Energy (used to upgrade Bestial Chi & White Day Charm) can only be obtained through the Phoenix Coin Trade from NPC Clarice. I understand that Phoenix Coin currency is trade-able but due to the simple fact that the demand is too high in comparison to the supply, it is far too difficult to purchase any upgrade. I hardly doubt any player can purchase Phoenix coins off other players (unless it is a ridiculous offer), which will only end up overpricing Phoenix Coins and ruining the economy for the server.

    Before plainly ignoring my suggestion please take into consideration that:

    - Each Zodiac Energy costs 20 Phoenix coins meaning you will need a total of 160 Phoenix coins to upgrade the Beastial Chi & White Day Charm
    - Roughly 15-20 Phoenix coins are distributed per week(if not less) through events being run by only one GM who is Banhammer.

    So you can see that for a server with approx 150-200 players constantly gearing and playing, it will be far too difficult to upgrade these items. Please take the following suggestions into consideration:

    - Reduce the price of Zodiac Energy dramatically (like 5 coins maybe?)
    - Add another way of receiving them (e.g Feat/Exploit & Fighting Confidence trade).

    Or feel free to do whatever you think is necessary just please implement another form.

    Item Link: