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    1. monsters in MTH(area) should be raised to 160 combat :p farming for a 135 esper will take like 24 hours, IF youre lucky.
    ( I know 24h isnt much for 1 esper, but eventually people will try to fuse the effects, especially from demon torch, and youll need alot more than 1 esper for that, if you have any bad luck at all )

    2. Drops in MTH(instance) and CP should be removed almost completely ( dont know if anyone wants to pick anything there )

    3. T10 provision droprate should be brought down to about 5% of the current rate.. really, if you need those for quest etc you can just grind couple minutes. It would seriously reduce the lag

    4. Dread labyrinth
    Lag here is HORRIBLE, almost unbearable. Basically everything except tenderleafs and DL specific jewellery should be removed from loot table.

    5. Wyverns
    If you could add an exchange option to turn your tiamats into wyverns, would save alot of time and actually make people to use the tiamats. I know this sounds lazy but when youre doing fusion etc, and you want to use the 1k+ tiamats you have, would rather click 31 times rather than 310ish times.

    6. Voting
    (dont think I have to clarify on this)

    Will appreciate you reading this, whether you think any of my suggestions are worth doing