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  • A few suggestions

    I remember some of the good old days from the XJD so, i have some suggestions from the old server:
    • Incrase Shura Cursed's gold drop rate, make it drop 20-40 gold/kill. Yes, I know that the Magic Realm mobs drop a bunch of gold... but you pretty much need to be geared to go there, for example: i want to make a farm character with HG gears, and the gold cost for crafting them skyrockets especialy when i can farm only 2k-5k/night farming in IC or Inferna
    • Add back the Treasure Chest or the Brocade Box in the market. The Treasure Chest couldn't be worth more than 10-15 jaden but the Brocade Box would be worth ~250 jaden, since it gives a +9 sigil, but still, i would love to see them back into the marketplace.
    • Incrase the number of mounts avaible in the Cash Shop. My favourite mount was the "Wonderland Carriage" and i hate that i can't get it anymore.
    • Add Blessing Bag item to an NPC. Previously sold by Sky Dweller (or, that guy that flyes in sunstream.. not good with names) it was my favourite money waste, it was worth 60 gold, if i remember correctly. I would love to waste some of my extra gold on them.

    These are some suggestions, i know that some of them... or maybe all will not be added, i still wanted to push the idea of adding them back since i really liked them. Keep up the good work with this awesome server !

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    I'll just add my suggestion in this thread.

    Can you guys increase the stack amount of Steeling Bead.
    It's currently at 50. While Spiritie Bead is set at 500.

    Steeling Bead: