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  • Game idea to keep players interested

    I am taking this straight from BDO. They have an item in the cash shop that you can buy that will allow everyone in that channel to have X2 xp for one hour (XP is vital in that game). Could we have an item like that, but have it trigger a X5 extra drops? Make the Jaden price kinda Steep so it's not just some constant thing. Maybe 600J or something.

    Also, is there a way to have stacked drops instead of just 500 of the same item with 1 stack being dropped. Maybe 10 per stack or something. It takes way too long to sit there and pick up items while your group of mobs have been spawned for a while.

    MR: Can the ph drops be something like this in stacks.... Frogs<1x> Lions<5X> Dragons <10X> it just seems so time consuming to pick up 500 1 stack items when you could sit and pick up 50 10 stack items and kill your mobs efficiently. Sprites help with that, but they are slow af on their own.

    Potentially have only one channel that is PVE the rest PVP. That way people can fight for spawns and things to that nature. I understand if you want more of a PVE server I suppose.

    I know these are probably considered too OP, but thought I would throw it out there.

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