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  • Vision - Global Rules

    Global Rules Of Vision Server Management & XJD Specific Rules

    If you are UNABLE to log into your account to submit a ticket please <click here>

    Do you have any questions regarding the rules below?

    If what you are about to read comes off unclear to you in anyway, we encourage you to submit a ticket or pm a staff member on the forums or make a general thread so that other players may answer your questions. We will gladly explain or try to translate if there is something you are unsure of, to prevent any unnecessary rule breaks or misunderstandings.


    Refining (XJD Specific)
    Weapon - (+13)
    Chest armor - (+13)
    Helmet - (+13)
    Boots - (+13)

    DO NOT try to be smart and refine past +13, you will receive a 7 day suspension and the piece of gear will be downgraded to no refine. If you refine gears PAST their refine cap stated above they will lose ALL their refined stats.

    Good Samaritan Initative ( XJD Specific )

    Be our Eyes, if anything goes down in the server (refine abuse/hack suspicion/extreme harassment..etc) Notify us at < [email protected] > and if the information proves to be useful you will be awarded a bounty in Jadens or gold.

    Keep reading for more detailed information

    Exploiting or Abuse of The Free Zen System

    We do not allow any exploitation of the free zen systems.

    - Every player has the right to vote every 12 hours, on one account
    - Every player has the right to receive the hourly online bonus on the maximum of 2 accounts

    That means we do not allow players to create or to be using multiple accounts, nor more than two open game clients at any time. Such violations will result in a PERMANENT BAN.

    Account Creation Abuse

    Creating numerous accounts is prohibited and will be seen as an attempt to exploit the free zen system. Behavior of this type is tracked by our monitoring systems and your accounts will be blocked/banned.


    You are only allowed to have 2 clients open at the same time. However, only one account can be used to play with. Your secondary account may be used as a designated bot/farm account, this means that only ONE of your accounts may farm/bot while the other must be used to play or be passive (offline/meditating in town). If you wish to BOT with both characters the second botting character may ONLY bot in Shura and MUST be Power-leveling another player (OR have party settings open for new players to join you for XP).

    Note: Every map has it's own ID number and designation.

    Clarification: If you are not playing by these map limitations, You are in violation of this rule. Anyone who violates these rules and is found out gets an email warning to the OLDEST created account, if no reply within 24hours all accounts linked to that user will be suspended.

    Client Alteration - 3rd Party Software

    If you are found (with evidence) using 3rd party software (such as that Asian sprite cleaner software) or and auto refine spam (or similar) you will be automatically suspended for 7 days followed by an email detailing what you have done with the evidence provided. If you Co-operate with resolving the issue you will gain access to your account once again, otherwise your account will be permanently banned.

    Client Alteration - Game Hacking

    We do not allow any sort of hacking or client alteration, weather it is beneficial to you or players around you or not. Such behavior WILL result in a permanent ban.

    Account Hacking

    We do not tolerate any account hacking. Such behavior will lead to a permanent ban of your account(s).

    Selling items and/or accounts for real cash

    No selling items or accounts for real money, or any type of currency (i.e. cell/mobile credits) will be allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

    Trick trading - Scamming

    You are not allowed to scam players with trick trading or “ not following up on your end of the deal”. Scammers of this kind will be punished by permanent ban of their/your accounts.

    NOTE: We can not ban scammers unless sufficient proof is given. When trading items/pets for zen, either have a member of the staff be a middle man (use world chat to see if anyone is currently online) or be extremely careful to record the trade in multiple screenshots or the in game recording function.


    Impersonating or pretending to be a GM at any time is cause for a permanent ban. Your account(s) will be automatically banned from the server. *This includes having “GM” in your character name*

    Impersonating or pretending to be another player scamming, abusing, or in warcry is also bannable.

    English in Public Chats

    This is an English server and we only allow English in the public chats, such as World Chat.

    Advertising and Other Links

    Posting pornographic links or advertising other games or servers in any chat in game or on the forums will result in an instant permanent ban with no appeal.


    We do not allow racism, name calling, excessive swearing, vulgarity, or sexual comments toward any players or members of the staff in any chat. Such behavior may result in a warning and can lead to a temporary or permanent suspension.


    Harassing a player or staff member will not be tolerated on this server. You could get muted for 2-24 hours and then a player ban would be applied if continued, and could lead to a permanent ban of your account(s).

    In-Game Issues

    You are not to fight verbally. No harassing or insulting a GM for any reason in any chat or forums.

    If you have an issue with another player send them a private message in game and speak respectfully about the issue at hand.

    If you feel you have been treated unfairly or that any kind of unfairness is going on submit a ticket and name it #For Admin, with a detailed description and proof of what you suspect is going on.

    Failure to follow the set ways to handle issues of this sort can result in a temporary or permanent ban of your account(s).

    GM Identities

    Players and staff alike are NOT to disclose a GMs identity (whether the identity is true or false) and any alts they may have. Doing so will result in a temporary ban of seven days. If this happens again during or after the temporary ban you will be permanently banned from the server.

    Ban and/or Mute reasons

    The members of the staff are not obligated to disclose ban/mute reasons or details concerning another player. If you wish to inquire information about other players ban/mute you are free to ask the player at hand, but do not ask the staff members about it, in any chat. They cannot nor will not disclose any information of this kind.

    Voicing banned/muted players opinions or pleading a banned/muted player’s case will not receive response. There are set ways to go about when pleading for reconsideration regarding punishment. (See Below)

    Banned or Muted?

    We would hope that you have read the server rules of conduct. If so, you are probably aware of what you did wrong. It should be in your best interest to know what you can and cannot do, due to the simple fact that if there is set rules; you are expected to play by them. If you fail to do so, you will be punished in the appropriate manner.

    If you are still not sure why, or if you feel you have been wrongfully banned or muted you are to submit a ticketing regarding this, where you can get more information regarding what lead up to you being punished, and you can calmly share your side of the story and submit any proof that may help your case in reducing/revoking set time period/method of punishment.

    NOTE: Any lash outs in world chat or warcry will not benefit you in any way, but may very well work against you due to possibility of breaking the rules controlling behavior and language in chat.

    When logging on to our web page, you can access the ticket system under the link “My account”.

    Revised - 11/29/2016 Effective - 11/29/2016
    *Changes made 11/29/2016 any bans/account suspensions pre this date are affected by previous rules but will be subject for review upon request*
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    These Rules still Stand as they are written.