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Did you know Jade Dynasty is getting a movie?

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  • Did you know Jade Dynasty is getting a movie?

    The game we all loved and played for many years, originally from a chinese novel called Zhu Xian is getting a Hong Kong television sitcom in 2016.

    Starring - Li Yi Feng, Yang Zi, Che Xiao, Xiong Nai Jin, Qin Jun Jie, Wei Wei, TFBOYS, Zhang Lu Yi
    Episode - 50 episodes
    Each episode Length - 45 minutes
    Type - costume martial arts fantasy
    Release time - 2016
    Producer - Bin Deng fine
    Former forward - Xiao Ding
    First time - 2016
    Directed by - Zhu Ruibin
    Do you think you will watch it even when you don't understand a shit and there won't be any english sub because no one will do it.

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    I think there will be subs :)
    I might watch it... although I know the story.


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      I see movie in the title but see series in the post.