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    You are only allowed to have 2 clients open at the same time. However, only one account can be used to play with. In other words your “alt character/account” cannot leave Sunstream city while your other account is online. That is why we normally refer to this as your “stash/vendor/crafting alt” for your secondary account.

    Note: Sunstream is defined by technical terms of the map itself.
    Example, every map has it's own ID number and designation.

    Clarification: If you are not on the map named Sunstream, designated by its particular ID number, You are in violation of this rule.

    I understand this rule completely however, what if both myself and my son want to play together? (yes me and my son play JD always together) we can prove we are 2 different people and not worried about that part but what are we supposed to do one stay in SS and other is out and switch off, doesnt seem very fair that one is always in SS, again i do understand the rule but we are not multi client here we are just a motehr and son that enjoys playing games together, could a staff member please pm or something so i can find out what we can do about this so we do not risk being banned.

    Thank you

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    You and your son aint playin' s*** son.