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  • The download....

    Hey there, i played this server long time ago, now when its back im really exited about playin it :D

    Tho, the download is really really slow and annoying, 12 files of 700mb, why cant you do it 1 file ? and why is it so slow ?
    After that there is the installation, again it takes for ever.
    Then there is the cmd stuff, takes quite a time.
    The patch is okay when you download it manually but the other stuff are just so slow.

    I have a pretty okay internet speed and ok pc, so i dont think its only me.

    Ill be very glad if you do something about it for other people to join the server :D
    I mean imagine if you want to play a server and than you see it has 12 parts so you think twice before downloading it, If it had just 1 file it would be way more easy.

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    any one please upload full updated client in rar format with recovery record in mega or torrent pls


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      Guys there are only 4 parts to download. OR you can use the automatic downloader above them. I would use the automatic downloader.
      Once you have the game installed just run the Patcher (it will be located in the "patcher" folder)
      If you have any immediate concerns to address you may contact me by skype or email.


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        Can you have us full link please and if so then there are some errors coming in downloading the 3rd part.