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GS Application: Wave 2

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  • GS Application: Wave 2

    Hello there peoplezzzzz! AGAIN!

    I am looking for a few more GS’s who can help me keep an eye on the game and also help out new players with quests and instances!

    At the end of the week ALL GS’s will submit to me a small “report” of what went down while they were in game. Nothing formal just tell me if anyone was misbehaving too much / what the major complaints where / what needs to be tweaked a little.

    All GS’s will be paid in Jaden every other week upon submission of the report for that week as a thank you.

    To apply please place your information similar to how it is left below. (Gear criteria does not mean you have a better chance of being picked)

    IGN: BanHammer
    Gear: +11 - +12
    Years played: 8
    Server time availability: 20:00 – 05:00
    Reason for application: (make it short)

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    IGN: Rebourne(vim)/Atmozfear(Jadeon)
    Gear: Fully geared on both toons
    Years played: 8 years
    Server time availability: Winter break is starting now, so i have an abundance of hours to play during the day when i am not at work as my schedule varies! So most likely around 10-12hours a day starting in a few days.
    Reason for application: I've been working already on trying to bring this server back to life however I know mostly every quest that is needed help with, I am able to basically solo the chroma instance on my jadeon, i can solo any boss on my vim for people and help them out with tiers as needed. I just want to help the server grow and become better so that it does not die.


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      [s]Is I volunteer as tribute still a thing?[/s]

      IGN: Elyscia
      Gear: No refinement level yet, as it's a relatively new toon but on my previous toon, Kalani, her gear had a refinement of +8 and her wep was +10.
      Years played: 5
      Server time availability: Pretty much 24/7 but in terms of server time... ehhhh, as I live on the eastern coast of the US, I'll be on anywhere from 13:00 to 12:00 with a few breaks in between.
      Reason for application: I'll still donate whenever possible because obviously, Ban relies on donations to keep the server running smoothly but otherwise, this is the only other way I can think of to help him is by keeping an eye on some of the honyocks IG. v.v


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        IGN; Muzha
        Gear; +11 Lumen
        Years i've Played; Five and a half.
        Times Available; 15:00 - 02:00
        Reason i'm applying; I think i could be of use to the GS Team as i'm online when most of the other GS' are offline or AFK.


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          IGN: Saturn
          Gear: +12
          Years Played: 6 years since Official, About 4 months for XJD
          Server Time Availability: 21:00-5:00ish
          Reason: I've been a GS on a different server and know some of the craziness other players put you through so I'm not going in blind. Plus, I help people anyways daily and enjoy it mostly.


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            IGN: LoLane
            Gear: +12 Later +13
            Years played: 5
            Server time availability: 12 – 00.00 best time im online
            Reason for application: I have looked and played for some time. I see that the only gs is DarkWish ... I do not know you have many GS. But when you really accesso someone for help is not a GS-spot .. I play and I'm online a lot so I thought assist the GS way.


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              IGN: Flaming
              Gear: +12 Later +13
              Years played: 6
              Server time availability: 10h-22h
              Reason for application: More freetime and can help all Instance and Quest Tier, Quest Chroma