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Beginner's Guide to getting started!

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  • Beginner's Guide to getting started!

    Hello welcome to my guide my name is Shauna it's a pleasure to take you through a small trip through Jade Dynasty.

    Leveling in Jade Dynasty Pre Ascended is quite easy as long as you do it correctly, ok let's get this thing rolling !

    Part 1.

    First of all make sure you vote so you can get the much needed Jaden you need to start off, so reference this for a small guide on how to vote.

    All maps have Portal charms to access them in the Aid tab of the marketplace under teleport, if you voted you have plenty of jaden to buy them.(10S) a piece.

    You need to do the beginner quest as it gives you your Treasure Box you can open as you level gives you potions so you don't have to waste jaden buying potions for the time being.

    ^>Power-Leveling will be the most efficient under the premise you use a 4x or 5x Meditation orb you eventually get free or buy from the market.(Do the Meditation orbs to show some respect to the time the player plvling you is investing or if you are plvling yourself you make the most of your time).

    Let's say you are a player who wants to level themselves, well there is nothing wrong with that just gonna take a little longer.(make sure to use meditation orb)

    Starter area quests.

    Head north northwest to The Village on your map farm Moaning Harpy or Roaming Specter.

    At lvl 30 head to skysong and head East and farm Animated Soldiers and Underhanded Culprit.

    45:Do Tier 2 Faction Quest get gear from your representative then Head to Billows

    No need to do billows at all just head to Doom Bog and once in Doombog use a Town Portal then run just north of town and farm there till 75.

    75: Do tier 3 quest and pick up gear from representative then head to Incense Valley.

    Incense valley SW of the map is a volcano area head south of that area and head to Prison for the Cunning, and farm the mobs tp 105.*make sure you have potions these are the start of mobs that will start hurting.*

    105: Do tier 4 quests grab faction gear then proceed to next area of choice(if you need help with bosses ask another player to help not like they have anything better to do ). Also buy lvl 120 gear before heading to next area if possible.*not equip-able but this is so you don't have to return to sunstream or divine realm to buy gear.

    105 -120
    Southern Border/Kunlun
    This part depends on your experience as a player in botting in high dmg and density zones.
    Southern Border: Ideal for less Experience players* takes a while longer and have to relocate*.
    Head north of town to the Grimed Golem and farm them till about 110 head further north till you see the centepede like mobs finish those till 120.
    Kunlun: Ideal for more experienced players as we are totally skipping out on easier mobs to push lvl efficiency and less time on relocating.Head North to the barx rimefist and farm them till 120 *equip 120 gear then move south and farm the frost banshee and snow wraith till 135.

    135: Do tier 5 quest go to faction rep buy gear then head to shura.

    Head to Djinn Palace exterior and farm till 150.

    Final Notes for Pre asc.
    Don't blow jaden on junk save them for Nirvana insignia so ascending is convenient and easy(500J)

    Temp final notes
    Will update ascended content soon.