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  • Phoenix Scrolls

    Hello everyone!

    Hazuki here to give you a list of all the quests that will give you Phoenix Scrolls and how many scrolls you can get from each quest. There are couple of quests that you can do more then once a day!

    Quests that can be done once a day
    Alliance Carer (x1)
    Collect Jade for Krystal (x2)
    Corrupted Forges (x1)
    Crisis (x3)
    Crystal Rift (x2)
    - +(x3) for completion
    Deity in the Wind (x1)
    - Winner (x4)
    Dispel the Curse(Shura) (x1)
    Dragon Astrolabe (x2)
    Dragoncourt Note (x1-5)
    Hunt Treasure In Dragon Bay (Mysterious Chest) (x2)
    Lost Treasures (x5)
    Mysterious Pills (x1)
    Mystic Tome (x2)
    Nura's Gift (x1)
    Sky Dweller (x1)
    Sky Lotus (x1)
    Squirrel Combat (x2)
    - Winner (x6)
    Surfing Deity (x1)
    - Winner (x4)
    Tai. Pills (x1)
    The Donation (x1)
    Treasure Charm (x1)
    Treas. Hunt (x1)
    Treasure Hunt(Shura) (x1)
    Vet of War (x3)
    Wonderland Fair Gold 1:1 (Fair Manager NPC exchange) (x4)
    Yasho Seal (x3)

    Quests that can be done more then once a day
    Celestial Trial [2 times/day] (x1-2)
    Celestial Note [5 times/day] (x1-5)

    Events and Quizes
    The Baleful [Event]
    - 1 Coupon per 1 Mystic Stamp
    - After Syncretic Sage appearance - 1 Coupon per 1 Genesis Orb
    Quiz Bowl (now in english);
    Veteran of Quiz (5 correct answers) (x2)
    - 3rd place +(x2)
    - 2nd place +(x3)
    - 1st place +(x4)

    Have fun~!

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    Event Quest- Exploring the scroll (x1)
    [Ins.]Dream Sunstream. 1:1
    (Dream Journal Exchange) (x4/5)