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Gearing up guide, how to start in xjd

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  • Gearing up guide, how to start in xjd

    Welcome to xjd! In here I'll try to give some advice on what to focus on first when gearing up.

    First to start off you will want to reach the level cap of 160 ascended. First up, open the 2 green chests in your inventory.

    1) Here I would suggest using the 6 bags of x9999 taichi pills which should take you to level 128. These bags are tradeble therefore the quickest way to level is to make a second account, create a toon which spawns in the same starting area and trade over its taichi bags. You can delete this alt toon afterwards. (Time needed: under 5 minutes to reach 150)
    Note: If this sounds like cheating to you, ask in world chat for a plvl in Shura for levels 1 to ~130. Remember to activate the x5 exp orbs! Then use the taichi pill bags supplied to you to reach level 150. (time needed: ~20-30 mins of plvling in shura at the 5 mobs spot)

    2) Use the Sovereign orders 1-5 if human faction (after order 1 you will have to speak to a representative for your faction to join them, take a few Portal Charm's from the market. If you're either Etherkin or Athan faction, you will immediately be granted tier 1. Therefore you'll not have to speak to a representative and dont have to use the sovereign order 1 at all.
    For reference:
    taichi pill bag on the left, sovereign order on the right

    3) When you reached level 150, use the orange sovereign order. A new item will pop up in your inventory. Now portal charm to the npc mentioned in your ascension quest log. Human factions congratulations, you have ascended! Athan and Etherkin factions will have to talk to a faction representative to confirm ascension.

    Note: While it is possible to change your pre-ascended faction after ascending (this affects some skill effects), it is NOT possible to change your ascended faction.

    4) As an ascended player, try to reach level 120. Either by creating new toons on a second account and trade over taichi bags, or ask for a Shura plvl (again, remember the x5 exp orbs!)
    At this point use the vitalyzation sovereign order (yellow one) to skip the quest. You are now able to enter the Citadel Realm, to do so talk to Lonzan Imperial Agent @ Sunstream 448, 361. You will need 80 gold for this to work.

    5) Since taichi pills hardly work from this point on, ask for a plvl in the Citadel Realm until you reach lvl 150 which should take 1-2 hours. Mobs drop Dragonsoul Charms, which are required for refining. Nothing else to consider picking up.
    Note: While the mobs are unaggressive, their attacks are AOE and will 1shot you, so stand a fair distance away.

    6) From level 150 onwards you will be able to enter Magic Realm where you will train to the cap of 160. Talk to Lonzan to enter, this will cost you 500 gold. Ask for a plvl in world chat, most players will be farming here. Again, mobs here are unaggressive but their hits are AOE. Besides this, they will keep freezing you unless you reach 600 resistance (or higher for stronger mobs).

    At this point you can either buy new Sovereign Orders from the PvP Emperor - Sunstream (near Stashkeep) to skip the tier quests or if you don't have enough coins you will have to complete the quests this time.

    Gear Priorities.

    Depending on your goal, different gear targets must be met. In order to start grinding Shura, just 135 gear and weapon of +10 refined will allow you to not be hit by mobs at all. In order to farm Magic Realm without being hit you will need Lumen gear of at least +10 and the weapon preferably higher refined still, while having a base resistence of 600. For PVP you will want to obtain as close to maxed gear as possible.

    There are 3 types of endgame gear which offer different benefits. These gear sets require Tier 5, level 135 ascended to be worn and can be upgraded 4 times to offer even greater bonuses.
    BG gear: Hp boost (available from battleground vendor - Sunstream @ 521, 341)
    Skytouch gear: Critrate boost (available from seat of chaos, speak to respective faction herald)
    Chu Han gear: Spirit boost (available from Voidland Dispatcher - Sunstream 486, 325)

    To refine gear to +10 I advise you to use sigils instead of star charms or serenity jades. I found the best method is to buy 44 bronze sigils from the market which can be used to turn into a +6, +7 and +8 sigil with 5 bronze sigils left to refine gear pieces to +8. The +9 and +10 sigils you can buy with phoenix coupons instead. The PVP emperor will give you a stack of 9999 HDS for 30 coins. Clarice will give you 7 phoenix coupons for every 100 HDS, meaning effectively 700 coupons for 30 coins. This is by far the best method of obtaining sigils. If you have Phoenix coupons to spare, dont hesitate to use them to buy lower sigils as well. Just remember that for especially the +9 and +10 sigils it's important to use coupons.
    Note: if you dont have phoenix coupons and must use jadens, it's cheaper to buy a kirin sigil than to buy enough bronze sigils for a +9 sigil from the market.

    To refine gear beyond +10 up to +13, you have 2 options.
    1) The Pvp emperor sells +11, +12 and +13 sigils which combined cost 250 coins to upgrade 1 gear piece from +10 to +13.
    2) Keep refining your +10 gear with either star charms or cascade charms and hope it will succeed. I don't recommend using Serenity Jades since the flat success chance improvement proves much more valuable than your gear not breaking down.

    After you have obtained a gear piece of +13 or you are happy with the current refinement, you can upgrade it using molds sold by Affinity master (located in Seat of Chaos) and Yuan crystals to maintain current refinery level.

    Next you will want to add imbues suitable to your playstyle and bloodbond your gear (in Southern Border). Blood bonding gear adds base stats and you will be able to make and add Seals to your gear for further stat improvements.

    Rings and Jewellery
    Look for my crafting guide to see how to obtain these.

    Doing Elemental Temple 5 twice (can be done 1x per day) will give you enough items to create a level 9 seal/insignia at Master Yao @ Sunstream 484, 297

    Try to buy a Bestial Chi in world chat (costs about 50k gold)
    Upgrade it at Award Manager 4x. This costs 2 Zodiac energy per upgrade which is available from Clarice for 2 coins each. The fully upgraded bestial Chi (called Aries chi) will be your main offensive and pve chi.

    Your main pvp tank chi will be expensive to max. It takes both 'Moral Defender Badge' and 'Fighting confidence' to upgrade at Award Manager. Both items are available from clarice.

    To obtain a pisces essence, you will need 9 capricorn essences which are sold by players for 50k each in world chat. Create a pisces at the Shady Dealer (next to SS stash) using the rapid essence crafting:
    - Select which pisces you want from the dropdown menus (either open or closed star) and highlight/click 9 capricorn on the right side of the menu. This will allow you to create a base pisces essence which can be further upgraded at the Award Manager. The Chi (star) items needed are available from Clarice.

    Above mentioned gear will boost your stats high enough to start farming magic realm. Now to obtain the required resistence you have several options.
    - A fused pet will boost your resistence by a lot, depending on the grade. Daily rewards gives you 3000 celebeans which is enough to create a grade 18 pet from scratch (assuming you're 135 asc+)
    - Expertise skills. They have a longer duration than their cooldown effectively giving you a permanent boost when maxed. There is a skill for ap and another for resistence
    - Res rings. Fully upgraded these will boost your res by a lot
    - Esper. A maxed out heartrending flower can boost all of your resistences by as much as 280 and over

    These 4 should be enough, but if not you can resort to using res on soulstones or soulcards, but I don't recommend this as it's either expensive or time consuming for something you'll only use temporarily.

    Hope this helps you guys. Once again, welcome to xjd and good luck gearing up!

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