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    Replay here with your guide

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    esper guide


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      Crafting guide (Gear/passives, Rings, trinkets)

      A crafting level of 8 is needed to level up the passive skills which add base stats when fully maxed. Furthermore crafting is needed for both rings and trinkets, location of recipes are listed below.
      Crafting recipes lvl 1 to 3 can be bought from the npc, after that recipes for levels 4-8 can be found in the following locations:

      Level 4 recipe: Vigilant Pirate - Billows @ -125, -406

      Level 5 recipe: Vigilant Abomination - Doom Bog @ 340, 277

      Level 6 recipe: Giant Beserker - Wildlands @ -305, -375

      Level 7 recipe: Superior Finslit Aquadin - Incense Valley @ 359, 392

      Level 8 Recipe: Obtained by lvl 107 character from Elysium Executioner - Sunstream

      Level 9 Recipe (optional): Superior Barx Rimefist - Kunlun @ -271, 21

      Level 10 Recipe (optional): Vigilant Casket Corpse - Shura @ 298, 306

      Rings and necklaces:

      SA and SE rings both available from Clarice npc near Sunstream stash
      The 4 other types of rings are available from Elder of Arcanes in Jadeon

      Blessed earth and Might of earth necklaces available from Jade Exchange Girl

      1) Upgrade these to 3 stars at Guardian Tyr (Jadeon), then add an 'essence rock' (available from Clarice)

      2) For the next upgrade bring correct type of Wills to Wanyo (To get here, go to the top of the ice dragon in the middle of the lake in kunlun and teleport at the npc)
      Note: this upgrade makes rings unable to fit into both ring slots, instead they will only fit in either top or bottom slot depending on if you make the charm or jade

      3) The last upgrade requires blood items from Eldea Gauntlet


      buy the base trinket(s) from Jade Exchange Girl, then buy the upgrade crafting recipes from Elder of Arcanes (Jadeon)
      Craft the trinket to level 9 (has a chance to fail).
      Next upgrades are done by the enchanter, you will need Jade Scrolls for the first 4 upgrades, then Superior Jade scrolls for the last upgrades. These are available from Clarice.

      Happy crafting!
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        Voting guide

        Voting will help you earn a lot of jadens and can be done every 12 hours. There are 4 votes, but only the top 3 will work, each earning you 350 jaden for a total of 1050 jadens. The thing to remember is votes will count only if you keep clicking the banners on the site until you get redirected to the xjd homepage.

        To vote go to the xjd site, login and go to 'my account'.
        Here you will be able to select the 4 votes, and also be able to donate for in game coins

        Vote 1:
        - Hover over Jadens and click the first one.
        - Click/complete captcha and click vote, repeat this a 2nd time on the redirected site
        - Click the banner to return to the xjd site

        Vote 2:
        - Hover over Jadens and click the second one.
        - Click/complete captcha and click vote, click the green vote button on the redirected site
        - Click the next 2 banners to return to the xjd site

        Vote 3:
        - Hover over Jadens and click the third one.
        - Click/complete captcha and click vote
        - Click Verify, complete the puzzle (puzzles can vary)
        - Click the red Vote button, then click the next 2 banners to return to the site
        Note: Vote number 3 has its own timer which is instead 24 hours. If you happen to vote twice within the 24 hour countdown, it will tell you you're not allowed to vote. Ignore this message, after you have completed the verification and clicked vote, simply click the banners until you get redirected to the xjd site. Your vote will still award you jadens even if the site tells you differently!

        It might take a few minutes to process, then you will be given your jadens. Good luck!
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          hello xtreme Jade dynasty.

          Here i will post a link to mistyc tome descriptions for effects,and what status give every book(tome)

          I posted it there since forum dosent allow many characters