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  • Phoenix Coins Guide

    Phoenix Coins (PC) have become a essential part of the XJD gameplay, so if you want to know how to use and collect as many coins as possible keep on reading.

    There are two types of Phoenix Coin's that you can get in game:


    - Participating in Events hosted by GM's & GS's;
    - Purchase on the XJD Site;


    - Daily online rewards;
    - Moontop Hollow Instance rewards;
    - Fair rewards;
    - Phoenix Coin Fragments (200 frag/ coin);
    - Bound coins can be exchanged at the Deep Realm Smuggler in SS for Phoenix Coin Tokens, which are tradeable.

    Tradeable coins need to be picked up and dragged in the trade bag, not right clicked.

    The way you can collect Phoenix Coin Fragments is by farming on the last Shura mobs or all the Magic Realm mobs (available only for ascended players lvl 150+ and Vitalized), the difference between them is that Shura mobs have a lower drop rate than the Magic Realm mobs, but you can also collect Golden Token's in Shura that can be exchanged for other goods and it's easier for new players to farm there. Once you have the neccesary amount for the items you need you can head over to the next step.


    NPC's found in Sunstream City:

    PvP Emperor
    Clarice (Phoenix Exchange)
    Deep Realm Smuggler
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