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Beginner's Guide to getting started!

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  • Beginner's Guide to getting started!

    Hello welcome to my guide my name is BeHindYou
    * Leveling in Jade Dynasty Pre Ascended is quite easy as long as you do it correctly
    *Follow my steps on video or do it manually

    *Make sure you have voted,then open your Marketplace and buy a diamond vip and use it

    *Open green box with name meditation orb 5x and use it,then use Golden elixir pack till you reach 128 lvl

    *Then u reach 128,use tier 1 sovereign order,and choose your faction,after you do that you can open another 3 pack with tier2/3/4 names

    *Then open another Green box with name VIP Starter Pack,after you do this you will see saint warior chest so open it till you reach 120lvl set of your faction,then use it

    *Make sure you up your skills,Press on keyboard K>next press on>boss>search for Maoo>then teleport there

    *Go on Market>esper>and buy one,also buy remedy

    *Set your esper and go exp there till you reach 135lvl to use t5 scroll you can also open 135 chest box to take 135lvl sets

    *Keep lvling till you reach 150lvl and then u can use Sovereign order:Ascension scroll