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  • GS application

    I am looking for a few GS’s who can help me keep an eye on the game and also help out new players with quests and instances!

    At the end of the week ALL GS’s will submit to me a small “report” of what went down while they were in game. Nothing formal just tell me if anyone was misbehaving too much / what the major complaints where / what needs to be tweaked a little.

    All GS’s will be paid in game gold + Jaden every other week upon submission of the report for that week.

    To apply please place leave your information to how it is left below. (Gear criteria does not mean you have a better chance of being picked)

    IGN: Ikaros
    Gear: +11 - +12
    Years played: 8
    Server time availability: 20:00 – 05:00
    Reason for application: (make it short)

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    ING: Leda
    Gears : BG Lumen ( weapon +13 / boot +12 / Hat & armor +11)
    Years Played :5-6 years
    Server time Availability : 12:00 - 22:00 ( less or more sometimes)
    Reason for Application : Help new comers / help in instances and information about game as much as i can as much as i know ...


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      IGN: Yuuko
      Gears: BG Norma, all +10
      Years played: 6 most on official
      Server time availability: 16:00 - 9:00 sometimes less, sometimes more
      Reason for application: I want to help new players when I can and keep the server going!
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        IGN: Majesty
        Gears: STJ Lumen (Wep +13/ Boots, Helm, and Body +11)
        Years Played: 3-4
        Server Time: Usually around at 22:00
        Reason: I want to try being a GS once and I like to help people


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          IGN: Dante
          Gears: BG Lumen (Wep +13 | Boots, Helm, and Body +12)
          Years Played: 6+
          Server Time: Usually around 15:00 - 22:00
          Reason: Help new players and make more players welcome into the game


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            -Your In-game name : BehindYou/GeoGanja
            -Languages spoken :Georgian,Greek,English,Russian,(German)
            -I have played Jade dynasty for : around 3-7 years. I have played on the official server, but I spent most of my time on private servers.
            - I would like to be a GS/GM to help :where I can and to be a little more involved with all the players. that's what ive been last time ive played aswell as i love to keep players happy and make the game an enjoyable experience aswell as do events whenever i can aswell as guide and help new players.
            -My Country? : Georgia
            -My online time?: right now it wont be too much so around 3-6hrs depending on day

            -Sometimes we as GMs have to deal with the stress of upholding the rules :

            A) if one of your friends broke the rules could you punish them without any bias? Of course, if they make a mistaeke they should be treated like everyone who does. They should've tought before they had done something that would break one of the rules. No special treatments for friend...

            B) if another GM/GS is seen not following the rules would you be able to turn them in? Yes, since they are players too, they should keep themselves to the rules. More so, they are an example to the players of the servers, therefor they shouldn't even think about breaking them. If they do break them, I think that that's a sing that they don't have the responsibility that comes with their function.


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              IGN: Fancy
              Gears +11 / +13
              Years played about 7 on and off!
              Usually online 24/7 available usually from 10 to 10 server time sometimes more sometimes less :)
              Helping new members and aiding to the best of my ability with game assistance :)


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                Dunno if this is still active or not... but here goes.
                IGN: Boogyman
                Gear: Full Lumen +13
                Years played: about 7 or 8 on and off, Co-Owned EtherJD... dunno if anyone remembers that from 2011.
                Server time availability: all but a random 5 hrs where I go to sleep, other than that I'm always on.
                Reason for application: I like helping people, and want to help as many as I can.