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XJD closure - 31st of January

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  • XJD closure - 31st of January

    XJD closure - 31st of January

    It is with great sadness that I have to announce the closure of XJD.
    We tried to keep the server up for as long as possible but unfortunately the time has come.
    We firstly opened XtremeJade somewhere in Mid-2010, we had some ups and down and reached a point of having +1500k players online at the same time.
    This was a crazy period, we had to go down around 2015 because of a game hack that broke the whole game economy and re-opened couple of months after and rebranded the whole gaming network we were managing under “vision” since today.

    I must deeply thank every one of the Admins, GM, GS, moderators that have been joining the team over the years, they all have been deeply invested into the community and without them the server would have never lasted that long.

    Unfortunatly over the last few months we have not been able to carry on our hard work and provide you with the latest content nor updates.

    Nothing can lives forever, other servers have opened and some of you have moved over there.
    We just hope that any of you that played here enjoyed your time and “had a good one”.

    This is an eternal thank you for every single one of you that made this server what is has been over this last decade :)