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    I am looking for a few GSs who can help me keep an eye on the game and also help out new players with quests and instances and answer their questions.

    At the end of the week ALL GSs will submit to me a small “report” of what went down while they were in game. Nothing formal just tell me if anyone was misbehaving too much / what the major complaints where / what needs to be tweaked a little.

    All GSs will be paid in game Gold + Jaden+ Pheonix Coins every other week upon submission of the report for that week.

    To apply please follow the example bellow. (Gear criteria does not mean you have a better chance of being selected.)


    IGN: [email protected]
    Gear: +11 - +12
    Years played: 8
    Server time availability: 20:00 – 05:00
    Reason for application: (make it short and to the point)

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    IGN: Boogyman
    Gear: +13
    Years played: 5
    Server time availability: All day
    Reason for application:
    I wanna help people... and get that snazzy GS title for doing what I already do, helping people XD.