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  • Patch Note 641-643

    ~~Patch Note 641-643~~
    * Exp Rate rise from 150 to 300
    * Jadens /vote incrased from 250 to 350
    * Phoenix Coin trade changed from x1000 Fragments for 1 coin to x500 Fragments for 1
    * Add new npc named [email protected] >Trade Tab PvP
    #Frist Tab Buffs ( I have add some of the buffs usualy disapear after a certain amount time they don`t now)
    ~Vajra`s Might-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Elemental Radiance-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Imperial Avatar-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Protection of the Tortoise-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Power of the Overlord-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Power of the Fighter-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Indomitable Power III-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Wine of Charity x1000-5 Phoenix Coin
    ~Spice Rice Noodles x1000-1 Phoenix Coin
    ~Lamb Skewer x1000-1 Phoenix Coin
    ~Blessing of Extreme Chaos x80 Phoenix Coin (ps: it price coz it give 15% crit rate buff for 15 min)
    ~Anan`s Wish-25 Phoenix Coin
    ~Velonus`Fury-25 Phoenix Coin
    #Secound Espers
    ~Firmus Pack (esper+tome acesori)-100 Phoenix Coin
    ~Heartrending Flower (esper+ tome acesori)-70 Phoenix Coin
    ~Focused Hate (esper+tome acesori)-100 Phoenix Coin
    ~Soul Sceptre Pack (esper+ tome acesori)-20 Phoenix Coin
    ~Sinistre Orb Pack (esper+ tome acesori)-25 Phoenix Coin
    #Third BloodSmelt
    ~N/A lvl135 esper for bloodsmelt (lvl30 divined espers) a pack of x10 - 5 Phoenix Coin
    ~Bloody Stone (item for bloodsmelt Sinistre Orb esper) x500 - 10 Phoenix Coin
    ~Chillsoul Stone (item for bloodsmelt Firmus esper) x500 - 10 Phoenix Coin
    ~Strike Order (item for bloodsmelt Soul Sceptre esper) x500 - 10 Phoenix Coin
    ~Inkweave Silk (item for bloodsmelt Heartreading Flower esper) x500 - 10 Phoenix Coin
    # four"th tab is Grafic Titles
    ~ x34 Grafic tittles with diferit looks and Price`s
    * New fashions Added to Npc Lil`Yan (Festival Dealer)
    ~Vixen Gown -Female
    ~Blitzen -Male
    ~Jolly Red-Male
    ~Santa Hat ( Can be used for bouth male and female)
    ~N/A10 Fashion -Male and Female
    ~Twisted Heart -Male and Female
    ~Nova Set Green -Male and Female
    ~Fire Blossom -Male
    ~Golden Mask -Male and Female
    ~Silver Imperial Mask -Male and Female