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Patch Note 636-638

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  • Patch Note 636-638

    Patch Note 636-638
    New Fashion Added on Cash Shop: Iron Draco(Unique Brocade Box)
    New Mask Added on Cash Shop: Opera Mask
    New Fashion Cupon Added on Cash Shop: Fashion Cupon
    Added drop on Shura and Magic Realm mobs: Phoenix Coin Fragment
    Magic Realm mobs have now lower Def/Atack also a alower frezz Rate
    Exchange added on XJD PvP Emperor: 1000 Phoenix Coin Fragment = 1 Phoenix Coin
    T6 chroma Sovering Scroll = 14 Phoenix Coin
    T7 chroma Sovering Scroll = 17 Phoenix Coin
    T8 chroma Sovering Scroll = 20 Phoenix Coin
    Decreased the Glory Books(lvl6) price 15 Phoenix Coins to 12
    Decreased the Glory Books(lvl5) price 10 Phoenix Coins to 8
    Added Exchange 3 Phoenix Coin = 10 Celestial Scroll
    Added New Pet on XJD pet Exchange npc Snake Charmer