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Game Sage Application (GS)

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  • Game Sage Application (GS)

    I am looking for a few GSs who can help me keep an eye on the game and also help out new players with quests and instances and answer their questions.

    At the end of the week ALL GSs will submit to me a small “report” of what went down while they were in game. Nothing formal just tell me if anyone was misbehaving too much / what the major complaints where / what needs to be tweaked a little.

    All GSs will be paid in game Gold + Jaden+ Pheonix Coins every other week upon submission of the report for that week.

    To apply please follow the example bellow. (Gear criteria does not mean you have a better chance of being selected.)


    IGN: [email protected]
    Gear: +11 - +12
    Years played: 8
    Server time availability: 20:00 – 05:00
    Reason for application: (make it short and to the point)
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    Gear +13
    Years played: 4 years
    all day everyday.
    I will watch everyone and make sure to answer any questions they have and be able to do anything and help as much as I can no bullshit will go by me!


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      IGN: Cernunnos
      Years Played: 4 years on official, 3 years on private servers
      All day most days. I do work part time
      I do watch the chat. I try not to get involved for a couple of reasons: 1) I do not have the authority nor am I taken seriously with all the warnings and advice i do give, 2) I try and let the players solve their own issues because, I believe everyone should be held accountable for their own actions. If it does help any, I will be going to school for game designing this upcoming January so, this would help me in my eventual career as a game designer as well as a potential GM candidate.


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        IGN: Ana
        Gear: +13
        Years played: 2 on ofi, 2 on private servers
        Server time availability: 10:00 - 01:00
        Reason for application: To share what I know and help others, make the gaming time they have more enjoyable and teach new players how to start. Also I'm quick to answer any questions regarding the game.


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          IGN: Cassandra`//Kill-4-Fun
          Gear: +13
          Years played: 6 years
          Server time availability: 11:30 – 19:00
          Reason for application:
          I'm happy to help other players, especially those who just joined. Because most of them are troubled and need help. And hope that this can make xjd the way it used to be. Full of players XD.


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            The New Game Sage are Ana and Cassandra`//Kill-4-Fun
            Pls contaact me shortly in game or discord