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Patch Note 635

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  • Patch Note 635

    New Tome books added to Xtreme Jd Npc
    Lvl5 x3=10 Phoenix Coins
    Lvl6 x3=15 Phoenix Coins
    The new books give 100% skill on open (lvl of the skill and the othere status are randome)
    New gold exchange added
    X80 Coins= x200 5kg Bank Note (1 mil gold)
    X9999 Golden Token=x10 5kg Bank Note
    x2500 Heaven Dragon Seal=x20 5kg Bank Note
    x9999 Common Orb seal=x5 5kg Bank Note
    Items for Clan lvl skills Power Charm /Vitality Charm/ Sprit Charm Added to Xtreme JD npc for x4 Phoenix Coins ea.
    Prayer Bead added for x100 Phoenix Coins and x100 5kg Bank Note
    Buddhas`s Relic added for x75 Phoenix Coins and x50 5kg Bank Note

    PS(Sorry for late patch note )
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