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Complaints and Suggestions: System Chat, Nobility and more.

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  • Complaints and Suggestions: System Chat, Nobility and more.

    Open LV9 gems and introduce new combine lv9 talisman. Reason: LV8 is full on quite alot of players. Give full geared something to do.

    Fate Weaver Change Suggestion.

    I think bonus stuffs should always be exclusive since its a yearly thing. What I meant is if I fate for Jan bonus, I will have to wait another year for Jan bonus if I want the same thing.

    Just some of my casual thoughts here.

    Jan and Feb stay.
    March - can be change to give 20 Territory Chest. So as to get Stun & Slience talisman. Reason: 500 LC only for one per year?
    April make it give LV9 Glyph please. Reason: At least a player can get a secure choice for their element glyph skill.
    May stay.
    June - not just one maybe 2. Reason: I see u making it twice a year but 2 wouldn't make a different because the combine rate are so poor.
    July - x20 only lasts for an hour = x20 hours for a year?... Maybe edit the skills to make it last 300 days before expiry. Daily-click can last 1 hour for each day.
    August - PoD x1 is a no goal. PoD x3 I think is ok. Unless u have a better reward idk.
    September - Nethrokon Ring is way too rare. Make it x20 for players so they can sell them.
    October - Don't think this is useful unless u can add in many random new bosses in white zone to make players go pvp over it.
    November - should make it unbound for players to sell them. Reason: maybe i have all pets done and i dont have pet to ascend anymore thus can sell?
    December - Same as June comments. Reason: I not only can have 1 codex y'all know. Definitely need increase.

    3 months subscription stay.
    6 months subscription - change to lv8 gem please... once per 6 months...
    9 months subscription stay.
    12 months subscription stay.

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