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  • How to get new players

    Make 4 different servers like in other game for example the original bio has Gemini, abyss, etc.
    If possible make server 1 and 2 no longer share progress.
    Server 1 would stay the same. 1500 zen per hr
    Server 2 make the zen per hr 3k
    Server 3 make players start from Lv. 1 with 3 k zen per hr
    Server 4 you start with Lv. 1 or 130 (with full130 gear only for Lv 130 start) and make the zen per he unlimited. This Server would be a place for players to try different gear setups before trying them on the main Player they play on
    * Add the legendary heart and the weapon
    * you can add new pet that could be in packs or be bought for 1mz + in zen market for the egg. The pet would be better then the current ones in the game, or you can try to implament boi-trinitys pet buying method or pets.
    *You could also make the gem Lv max to 10
    * Oracle grade back gear you'll be nice

    This is all I can think of, thanks for your time.

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    Lets start with making registration work so ppl can actually make an acc LMFAO
    Then we need ticket systems to work also !
    Also would help for admin to reply on forum when ppl can do all of the above LOL
    Help plz green horn Gm ban me and my family w/o letting me know or explain while there should be
    a document saying we proved our selfs and the last time even loki found that document so we where good
    now this crap happen again i can not make new acc to send ticcket coz reg is broken
    and here no 1 reply on ur post