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    the melanoma circumstances which they skincell cure are living and will after five years or more. In no illness begins analysis a bigger part to efficient therapy. Heart Disease A few years ago heart illness assumed to begin with as a cause of lack of of lifestyle for those of all ages, and in spite of better analysis and therapy it is still increasing. This is discouraging but not quite as hopeless as it might appear on first considered. Approximately 35 per cent of heart illness is due to attacks involving the middle muscles and valves, 45 per cent to degenerative procedures, 10 % to syphilis, and 10 % to other causes. Rheumatic Heart Disease Rheumatic warmed, or so-called "inflammatory rheumatism," is an contaminated illness of the individual individual body as a whole but with a propensity to impact most severely the sites and the middle. Rheumatic warmed reduced when they were young is mainly responsible for 25 % of deaths from heart illness up to the age of 50 years. It happens only in humans, with first attacks most favored in kids between five and a decade of age. It is more frequent in cooler climates and in urban communities, more in whites than in Negroes, slightly more in females than in males. There seems skincell to be a certain familial vulnerability to rheumatic warmed and a important relationship between its incident and lack of nutrition and insufficient living circumstances. Surveys indicate that approximately 1 to 5 per cent of young people skincell rheumatic warmed at a while or another and approximately 60 per cent of children contaminated give evidence of middle involvement, long long long-term damage being most found in the valves. Repeated attacks occur in about 50 % of these who skincell had first attacks and about one-fourth of the sufferers, particularly girls, create chorea, so-called "St. Vitus's dance," as a