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[COMPLETED] Card Captor Quest Aquarius: Sunday 7, February 2016

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  • [COMPLETED] Card Captor Quest Aquarius: Sunday 7, February 2016

    Quest Description

    Give any participating GM all of the following items, to receive 4 Aquarius zodiac cards as a reward.

    For less than 50k power players :
    - 2x different levels of Dragon Scales (any from LV1 - LV16)
    - 200x Dragon Souls (not the orbs but the spirits, drops from any Dragon-type monster)
    - 200x Flameflower
    - 1x any soul gear with all 4 stardust slots opened
    - 2x Ordeal's Staff (Pit of reckoning dungeon)

    For 50k+ power players :
    - 1x any Legendary gear with all 4 stardust slots opened
    - 200x Angelic Essence
    - 20x Thor's Spear (Arms craftskill)
    - 2x Sacred Particle Packs (1 pack = 200 particles) or 400x Sacred Particles
    - 1x Fjalar's Soul Core (Fjalar's Golden Palace, focus not opened)

    You aren't allowed to change your power in any way (remove gears or stuff in your char).
    You aren't allowed to change your lineage (you need to come with the lineage you generally use).
    If you change it, you will be banned from the event.
    Admin(s) are allowed to log your char to verify if you came with the real power.
    DO NOT OPEN the cards please keep them in card form until turn in time for the rewards otherwise you will get nothing and will not get your cards refunded for opening them up.

    Note: as always this quest is ONE turn-in per player for the entire duration (ie: one time in the 3 days then 2 days of break), no alt participation. You aren't allowed to share your cards with someone else.

    Quest Duration

    00:01 Sunday 7, February 2016 --- 23:59 Tuesday 9, February 2016

    PM Thaolao, Raishin or any participating GM/Admins in game any time during this period to turn in, or if we're unavailable, send us a message with a screenshot of the items in your bag through the forums (or email [email protected] and [email protected]) before 23:59 server time Tuesday 9, February 2016. As long as the time stamp I received your message falls within the Quest Duration, you will receive the cards even if you trade us the items at a later time.".


    For the first Aquarius Captor There is no longer any refreshing of old cards as they Expired February 6th.

    Epona Edit :
    You can only claim 1 reward.. You aren't allowed to share your card with someone else.
    If you still had card from last Card Event, you are allowed to use them ( CONDITION AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THIS EVENT... ( Aquarius ))
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