Good Evening Fellow Destruction Players are you ready for the Summer Break Chalice Insurance Event!!!! This event is Sponsored by your All amazing HeadGM Paradox and Admin CareTaker and other Participating GMs!!!

Important Reminder
As all events No alts can Participate. If caught using your alt your current Chalice will be Destroyed and you will have to Start Over. There will be no Discount's this time.

Time Event Held
We will be hosting a Summer Break Chalice Insurance Event Day Sunday, August 6th, 2017, and the time will be 15:00 server time.

Description of Event
What this event is for is so that the players who would like to fortify their chalices through levels 12 - 15 may purchase their chalices back in case of breakage due to failure. But do not open the bags that come from breaking the chalice's

the player will trade an attending GM that handles that kind of Chalice (Mag or Phys) that will be explained during the event the "Chalice Fragment Pack" acquired from breaking a chalice, plus a chalice level dependent fee, and they will be returned a chalice of the same level as the one that was broken to try and get the next level again or keep the one they broke. You must Let the GM know if you want a Phys Chalice or a Mag Chalice. GM/ADMIN's Participating in this event is Admin CareTaker & HeadGM Paradox.

The trade-in fees are

LV12 Chalice : Chalice Fragment Pack (27) + 250m coins
LV13 Chalice : Chalice Fragment Pack (40) + 500m coins
LV14 Chalice : Chalice Fragment Pack (60) + 1b coins

Special Surprise Note!!!!

If anyone wishes to try and get their Chalice to 15 - 16 They Must PM CareTaker before hand with a Link linking their Current Level 15 Chalice and after CareTaker responds back then try for it if she or He Approves the chance. If you try for a level 16 Chalice before you get CareTaker's Approval you will only get a Level 14 Chalice back if it breaks. If you did the Above mentioned with approval you will get the LV 15 Chalice back. You Must PM her or him every time you attempt to get the LV 16 Chalice.! If not you will be returned a LV 14 chalice.

LV15 Chalice : Chalice Fragment Pack (60) + 3b coins

Good luck All Fortifying your Chalices and we here at WOI Vision Hope you all recieve the chalice you want to achieve.
We look forward to letting you Enjoy future events as well!.