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  • WOI Closure

    Dear WOI players.

    We are sorry to let you know that the server will be closing by the end of the year.

    We had a really great run and hope you had a good fun playing here

    We are more than pleased to remember the good times, we have been one (if not) the most crowded WOI server - we had our ups and downs and you have been a great community.

    We are unfortunatly unable to stay updated and the competition took us over.

    I want to say a last thank you to all players and staff that have been around for these years and helped us building what we have been.

    Sadly everything has an end and this is the one for WOI vision.

    We are still a network so if any players want to join an other server (PWE or XJD) please feel free to PM me on the forum.

    Thank you!