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    Hello! ~ <3

    Looking to buy quite a lot of map 5s
    I can't specify the amount of maps I need so there will be an up to date rep amount on the bottom of the post

    I'm looking to buy them for between 2.5 - 3 mil each for Genesis, Herbmaster, Skylord and between 4.5 - 5.5 mil each for Enlightened
    I won't go any higher as this is the most common price range i see them in but if you are kind enough to knock a bit off then thank you <3

    My IGN is in my signature, it is xLynessax

    I may also be on an alt toon, the list is in my signature of the ones i play.

    If I don't respond to you, please either leave a post here or a mail in my inbox, be it in game or on here,

    Thanks in advance everyone! ~ <3

    Current Rep as of : Done

    *Note* I know there are other ways to get Rep but I'm a map addict!

    Thanks to those that sold to me and a big thanks to the guildies that lent me a hand! you all know who you are <3
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    Julii 105/103/102 Stormbringer