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  • character list missing

    Please after I updated game I played for a few hours then went an watched some TV ----- the game DC'ed while watching so I rebooted game it starts up to the log in screen -------- I log in an I get a "NO Character List Found" ------- it happens on 3 different computers with 3 different operating systems --- an it happens on all accounts ------------- thks for help

    just saw on while posting there is only 6 characters on the server right now
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    i am having the same issue as well


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      sorry to hear but glad it just isn't me ------ guess Frank will have to sort it out


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        it maybe a while its Christmas so he maybe busy today i'n sure he will sort it soon as he can


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          Same is happening here also says i have no characters on the website. I hope this is something that will get fixed soon.


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            gm wake up, and fix the server


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              good morning PWeuropians :) and same here...

              Merry Xmas , can make breakfast more long ^^


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                Hey guys!

                We're aware of the issues now, but it could be a while before things are back up as the server elves are likely to be very busy today.

                Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :)
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                  Yes sorry about this issue :(

                  Not sure what went wrong but we have restarted the server.

                  We'll be looking over it today as much as we can and make sure to do what is needed in cases in crashed again.

                  Please accept our apologise.


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                    I have a list now but can't log on to server now ----------- I see 13 characters on now on the voting screen where there was only 1 ------- I am in the mid-western United States -------- thks for trying to fix this so fast on a holiday

                    just got on with this account/character ------- also there is 3 others from my guild on that I see ------ voting screen shows 31 on now ----------------- thks for all your help lets hope you found the ''Naughty Little Elf' that is playing tricks
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                      You were probably in an instance ?
                      Depending of where you were some instances can take a lot of time before to open when there is a server restart.

                      Everything looks good on our side.


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                        thks so much for your fast response ------------ yes I was an now things are looking up for the better


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                          server is down for me as well in eastern Canada