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PWE Vision Ecatomb Change Log

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  • PWE Vision Ecatomb Change Log

    Any changes made to our Ecatomb will be listed here.
    This is a big project and will take some time to get things up-to-date. If anyone would like to contribute to Ecatomb (Screenshots, information, guides ect) send me a forum PM.

    Update 25.03.2015
    -Added border graphics.
    -Fixed broken links in "Armor".
    -Fixed Header alignment in "Armor".
    -Renamed some Navigation links.
    -Fixed broken links for the "Boss" sections.
    -Fixed Header alignment for the "Boss" sections.
    -Darkened yellow text in the "Boss" sections.

    Update 26.03.2015
    -Fixed "emote".
    -Fixed "Equipment" main links.
    -Fixed "Fairy/Genie".
    -Fixed "Fashion" and updated names to English.
    -Fixed "Pills".
    -Removed Guestbook tab, added tab to link back to main PWE Vision site.
    -Fixed & updated "Links".
    -Fixed "Mounts".
    -Fixed "Other".
    -Fixed "Pets".
    -Fixed "Quests"
    -Fixed "Weapons"

    Update 27.03.2015
    - Added "Saber" and "Scythe" under Weapons.
    -Added Nightshade flyers.

    Update 28.03.2015
    - Updated "Shop".

    Update 30.03.2015
    - Added new data to "fb19".
    -Updated various weapon screenshots.
    -Updated various female fashion.

    Update 31.03.2015
    -Updated various female fashion.

    Update 01.04.2015
    -Updated various female fashion.

    Update 14.04.2015
    -Updated various female fashion.

    Update 22.04.2015
    -Updated various female fashion.
    -Added new sets and custom female fashion

    Update 23.04.2015
    -Added new weapon fashion
    -Updated gallery of weapon fashion.

    Update 13.06.2015
    -Added new female fashion
    -Added new male fashion
    -Updated various male fashion.

    Update 14.06.2015
    -Updated old and added new mounts.

    Update 04.07.2015
    -Add ini edit sections under "Character" tab.

    Update 22.07.2015
    -Updated, various Weapons. If any player wishes to submit a screenshot of a weapon for the site, please PM them to me, it would be a great help.
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