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Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

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    Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

    it keeps saying that update listed files error


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      Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

      OK everything done, but I have version 590 and no server list showing when I log in game. Have downloaded again as suggested to get back to version 589 but still the same. Suggestions welcome. I keep trying to change the server list but it will not let me for some reason.


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        Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

        Stromy, Check ur serverlist once more need to look like this:

        Hemera 1 (PvP/PvE) EU 3
        Hemera 2 (PvP/PvE) EU 3
        Erebe 1 (PvP) EU 4
        Erebe 2 (PvP) EU 4
        Battle 15 &2

        else try to go to command promt (cmd) start -> searchbar -> type cmd and type insdie: ipconfig /flushdns



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          Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

          she already in game


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            Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

            -still can't create new character
            -in invation war we have no entry pass in cross server, need bring ticket from our server, but i dont was able to reenter to cross server from npc if i leaft once (tryed more than half hour)
            -no more crash (atleast i and my wife don't have dc)
            -no chrono boss (map3/4 what drop josd and deity stone so attack and def level stone)
            -no quest at morai teleporter => can't go to morai world even above lv100
            -cube: in level 50+ rooms every green quest appear 2x (exclude disable cog quest at room 60), low level room often appear all level range quest for mob killing
            -charm npc give free charm to every level
            -bh npc give all level bh, so even bh29 for lv100
            -no golden egg reward in cube 60
            -Archosaur student in pwi give timed quest, i heard in pwi he handle the Archosaur treasure box what everybody got now and give daily something reward (since PW Scholar/attandance npc in middle of archosaur don't have quest anymore for reflection shard and 3 mistical pill after 1h waiting)
            -PW agent npc is chinese (he have no quest just weird when click on it his text is in chinese)
            -harder to find the maps (idk why, i made thousand of maps [not joke] but now box appear harder) - this is only in few case, but there even u are in right place map not appear, takes 10min and then appear where u already was before :/ maybe related with autopathing or idk, this occured with me around 1/20 times
            - i don't know if normal or no but we got problem with isp, so whole router not worked, so totally was internet off, my wife got "you are disconnected msg", i dont got and we use same router and i was unable log out too, only forced exiting worked or closeing pw from task manager

            -double drop seems work now - this nice (yesterday not worked but today yes)
            -hourly cubi not work (0 cubi/silver in 3 hou after relog toor)
            -after rebirth/reawaken or what, if go close to reawaken npc or just around the npc in nrd archo spot then we get teleported to starter place EVERYtime not only 1st tiem when we will lv1
            -new characters get free dragon orb, gear, war card etc by level, but old one dont got the box icon in top of the screen


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              Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

              Thank you for that list shadowvzs,

              I just wanted to say that a full new client will be available tonight v590 and this should help the last persons who still struggle to log in game to... log in game.
              I'll let it be known in that post when ready.


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                Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                was showing version 590 for me yet didnt display any servers 2 choose from


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                  Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                  Originally posted by Shanti
                  Mine took all day to update and is finally finished. Now I'm getting a bug report message before I can even log in. I click start and it goes to bug report. What should I do?
                  that server list thing do u tryed what is on 3rd page?
                  Yes I downloaded the list. But it's not even letting me get to that page. I get a bug report before that.


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                    Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                    well in new client in 1st prage already with servers, stormy said similiar too and now work, its ok do u downloaded but placed to patch directory and deleted/overwrited the old one with new .txt files?

                    if yes then only way wait till Frank done with fully updated client, my internet with maximum 100kbyte upload speed not let me upload the whole client because takes days :/


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                      Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                      No. I just downloaded it. Is it a ZIP file?


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                        Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                        Thank you very much shadowvzs! It works now. :)


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                          Re: Server patch 02/01/14 [afternoon] - New horizons !!!

                          on previous page the list updated

                          Double drop on, nice but since patch broken morai (no quest for teleport), nirvy (no quest for start inside, need 6 ppl) and warsong (i heard earth pav sassy know it) aswell idk about lunar

                          i guess tt need normal amount of player too not 2