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lag ----- Dcs ------ can't get back on

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  • lag ----- Dcs ------ can't get back on

    Please someone really take the time to fix the lag at least keep it in the yellow that's bad enough but all the red is getting a little tiring ------- also DCing is a pain in the _________ -------- cannot log some of my toons on after DCing ----- I am in the mid west of the United States if that is any help ----------------- others are also getting tired of it ------ also saw at least 2 new comers on the other day an they just said the hell with it wasn't worth there time with all the troubles -------- SO PLEASE FIX SOMETHING ----------------- thks for your time an I do so like this server has good people/toons on it ---------------- so please get things fix

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    I also live in the Mid West USA and am having the problem of getting disconnected from server try again. Wonder if it has something to do with where we live. They told me to try flushing dns but it didn't help. :(