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  • Nation wars

    Nation War is broke again been 2 weeks an we can't get in I know the GMs have been told about this ======= all we get is the cross - server npc =============== PLEASE someone look into this ======= THKS

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    yes Nation wars is a frigile thing XD. im sure it dosent help that Frank and hsi team have to change it back to Standard nation wars which go against pwis patches i suppose.
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      nw and C.tigers

      fix the nw and celestial tigers please


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        Hello yes we are aware of the issue even though so far we did not manage to fix it.

        So for Nation war as you are saying you can enter the cross server but afterwards what is the exact problem?

        Same thing for Celestial Tiger.

        When issues like that a detailed post with if possible screenshots always helps.

        So far we found some little things that were not looking fine in the server files and changed them and were hoping that from a week to an other this would have been fixed.

        Sadly this did not work, but we'll get there if you can give us more details than sometimes a simple "this doesnt work".

        Thanks for helping! :)


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          the problem of nation war is that you can not enter the server (from server) can not access the nation war for that npc two weeks ago there was the same problem and solucionasteis no problem is just changing the NPC by the npc normal.Celestial tigers the problem is at the end that do not give prizes players can not say more are not GMS


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            it might not be helpful information but... correct me if im wrong, you closed cross nation wars after closed erebe, also because it kept breaking... after that you then put the original and normal nation wars NPC in and NW worked fine as long as long as players selected the right NPC... which sometimes was difficult as they were kind of merged... i don't know if this info helps that you need to put the original nation wars NPC in but maybe it will help solve the problem...
            cause i suggest removing the cross nation NPC completly or if that's not possible maybe place the original NPC next to it so that it doesn't merge
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              When it comes to the Celestial Tigers event:

              The event runs how it should do
              - The First Wave of tiger mobs spawn (minions)
              - The Second Wave of tiger mobs spawn (bosses)

              The issue for tigers comes with the reward

              The red text will trigger to tell people with 2k+ contribution (think its something like 2k) to recieve the prize from the mail however you only get the horn (for the bounty hunter quest ) as a reward and not the celestial packs.
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                Thanks guys that is helping out to put the finger of the issue the GMs gave us more clues as well so we are trying to fix it up.
                sorry for the delay but the issue has been a bit obscure to see in the files/code we are doing our best to fix it up.

                Thank you for your patience.


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                  thks Frank for the update ---------


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                    About that, Logincheck.dll isnt working either ...


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                      Hello Afarmer,

                      Logincheck.dll should be working as normal. I would recommend that you run the "Verify" from the patcher. This will scan for any issues in your files and automatically download the fix for you. Let me know if you have further issues.

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                        Nope, nothing happend when i verfied on the client.. the problem still exists... Tryed it a dussin of times );


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                          I've uploaded my copy of logincheck.dll here.

                          Try replacing this in the file location:
                          Program Files (x86)\Perfect World Vision\element
                          I would highly recommend that you don't copy and replace. Move your current logincheck.dll to the desktop, and then put the new one in. This is just in-case it doesn't work, you can easily delete it and move the old one back.

                          In the mean time I'll look into this error, and see if its another cause.
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                            i come 1 step further the patcher switch to element client but the client just shutsdown...


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                              Thanks for your effort but it doesn't work. It just Closes when i open the elementclient.