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    There is currently and issue with some sound files being missing. downloading the following file should fix these issues, please be sure to keep a backup of your 'sfx.pck' before you replace it in-case anything goes wrong.

    Once you downloaded the file please do the following steps.

    sfx.pck Download

    1. Locate your game folder 'Perfect World Vision' (usually in program files for windows)

    2.Navigate to the element folder inside the Client's folder.

    3. Copy your sfx.PCK file and place it somewhere safe as a back up(if you haven't already)

    4.Place the downloaded sfx.PCK file in the directory "..\Perfect World Vision\element"

    5. once you added the new sfx.pck file to the client, open your client and test it.

    If you get any issues go back to your previous sfx.pck

    I'ved backed it up incase you did not

    Original sfx.pck Back-Up

    Known Audio Missing:
    Cleric - Skills

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