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    The solitary craft had been drifting on a course correction after sling-shotting around some unnamed gas giant several light years ago, a malfunction in the nav-comp had sent them hurtling into God knows where in an unmapped sector of space but now the sensors were all screaming imminent collision with orbital space, viable atmosphere and high potential for life. A planet, small by normal definitions, but initial probes were already relaying back radio communications, images of construction and definite signatures of over eighty percent of the contents of the Periodic Table and in a perfectly sustainable atmosphere. They began prepping for atmospheric flight and landing.

    Two jump hoppers circled the alien ship as it burned the ground and scorched all the Levin grass for two hundred yells in each direction. The hopper crews relayed image and sound back to headquarters for analysis and orders but remained a safe distance and were told that 'she' was coming and to make ready for anything.

    The crew of the ‘USS Discovery’ donned environ suits and sensor array packs though the readings already gave favourable outputs, Commander Zimba wanted to take no chances and she hadn't lived this long by being reckless. Lieutenant Varda popped the hatch and was first out of the door. They hit burnt grass and as their boots kicked up dust and ash it mixed with the water vapours from spent fuel and shimmered in a myriad of kaleidoscopic rainbows as Varda led the way to the only high ground outside of their landing field and there they saw the two odd looking machines, obvious vehicles of some tall legged configuration. Commander Zimba immediately ordered defensive posturing, archers to the second line, shield walls out in front with lancers to hold them in position but neither of the odd vehicles made any move. They just watched, and waited; and then they saw why.

    Her entourage was made up of her personal hopper bedecked in green and as polished as the finest samite. Her bodyguard coterie of three men and two women each flanked her in hoppers of black and in the rear, two basket-boats and a swarm of Lilian Bouncers dashing about watching all flanks for sign of attack and ready to self detonate in the face of onset or imminent threat. They passed the observation hoppers and called them to fall in and support the Lilians and finally, she allowed them to come to rest barely thirteen yells from the alien craft, a distance accounted to be both an honour and a risk distance. It took her computers exactly forty seven heartthumps to scan, extract and configure the alien vessels design, functionality and linguistics and place the programme into her hat comp and so, with her armoured power suit readied, she took her hat of status from her captain of the guard and descended the ramp to the ground below knowing full well her bodyguards would be on high alert, weapons and shields ready for anything.

    The small fleet of vessels came to a halt about forty metres from the ship. The main vessel, much larger than all the rest was the only one to disembark passengers. Tall humanoids, wearing long robes and pointy hats. Their hands carrying nothing more than a staff of lean pale wood and they approached behind the woman in green with the tallest hat but, for some reason, she seemed to be the smallest person there, still large by human standards but, well, compared to the others; she was tiny.

    "Greetings travellers from E-Arth of the D'solari Centauri systems, you are welcome here. I am vocalising using a translator and you may speak and be understood. I am the grand Witch Mo and this is my wrlod."

    “Your what?” asked Commander Zimba.

    “Oh I mean my world. Sorry, typo!”

    “Oh right. Well we are Human explorers drifted off course and brought to this place, we mean no offence, nor trespass but if you could help us with some repairs we can get out of your hair.”

    “Oh no, I wouldn’t hare of it. You are free to cme and goo as much as you lick. I must warn you though that the Planet Mo has its peculiarities. The longer you breathe our air the more you will feel its effects.”

    “Oh dear, that sounds like something we need to know about but first I must ask, what have hares and goo to do with our stay?”

    Mo considered the words for a moment then her face brightened, “Ah sorry! I meant to say ‘hear’ and ‘go’. Sorry, another typo. I do aploigise.”
    She saw the fierce Commander smile and continued, “First off, there are no roads in Mo, well, there are roads but I’m afraid they like to move around a bit, so you may get lost a lot.
    Also, well, the maps aren’t very accurate as you can imagine, what with wandering roads and all, so, I wouldn’t really bother trying to buy a map.
    And finally, the air makes you …erm…something”

    “Forget things?”

    “Oh no! It makes you forget things, especially things people tell you or you tell them or things you write down to remind you but then cant mind where you left the paper with the thing written down.”

    Zimba looked at her crew and then back at the Witch and smiled but under her breath hissed to them, “Back to the ship, we’re getting out of here as soon as possible.”

    But Lieutenant Varda replied, “Don’t you mean get out of hare?”

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    all run escape from plant mo quickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk