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  • Another New Poem...


    So here we are again, friends.
    Among new beginnings and bad ends,
    I'll weave for you another thread,
    Before I head off to my bed.

    I stand here absent of map,
    I am deficient in cartography,
    I'm stuck here in this trap,
    so I can't stop looking at pornography.

    Settle down, I'm only joking,
    I came to view the forum,
    No gag reflexes or choking,
    I just needed to cure the boredom.

    How does one lose an entire dimension?
    A plane of existence is worth a mention,
    and not to mention the population,
    of the irate, misplaced, impatient nation?

    This is the contemplation of the evaporation,
    of the irate, misplaced, impatient nation,
    which inspired this alliteration masturbation,
    Though not to cause any confrontation.

    Yet has only caused an exacerbation,
    with an influx of verbal retardation,
    and probably begs one simple question,
    What is with all the juxtaposition?

    Well I'd answer that question if i understood...
    at least half of those words i think where rude,
    and at the very least the concept was crude,
    or was it? I'm confused...

    Only a short poem this time,
    I'm more than a little rusty,
    It's a struggle just to rhyme,
    and my keyboards a little crusty....

    mwahahaha, no akky, just no.

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    Re: Another New Poem...

    Did you mean Alliteration? (Verse 5, line 3)

    And I think that your brain has juxtaposed with Lewis Carroll's because that was a little "Alice-in-Wonderland Cheshire cat" crazy. :lol:


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      Re: Another New Poem...

      Thanks for pointing that out ame lol i'll fix it asap for the final product. ;P hope you liked it.


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        Re: Another New Poem...

        Oh! Glad to see you back in action... and yeah some of those words were kinda naughty...
        But well enjoyed all the words together xD!

        sky (hmm no siggie.)


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          Re: Another New Poem...

          The boy is back and bringing all his flash and panache.


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            Re: Another New Poem...

            This is why I ducking love you Akky. :3


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              Re: Another New Poem...

              U spelt view wrong aswell I missed these poems :P ( do more :P)