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  • Burns inspired...

    25th is Burns Night in celebration of Scotland's Shakespeare, Robert Burns. So, i thought id attempt one of my scathing poems, Burns style. Enjoy.

    Wee Attempt Wan

    Bonnie wee maiden fair as day,
    as fair as the cauld snow,
    Ye catch ma' eye fae far away,
    and ma' luve fer ye does grow.

    On ma' eleven speed steed ah ride,
    t'wards such a pretty sight,
    and ah pull up tae yer side,
    but mah horse runs back away fur fright.

    wan look at her had me boken
    and ah just didnae feel right,
    this lassies face was broken,
    al no be sleepin the night.

    ye hadnae seen ugle 'till ye saw hur,
    she was preset face number three,
    so ah sent hur a scroll tae transfigur,
    and ah said "dinny worry aboot the fee.".

    after ma' night o' unrest,
    ah struggle tae wake up,
    but fer wan such as me tae look ma' best,
    all ah need is a cup.

    put in milk n' twa sugers,
    boiled water an' a bag o' tea,
    after a few sips am yours,
    as ah log on PWE.

    am met wae a whisper tae ma' ear,
    "Thankyou for the scroll, kind sir,
    i wish for you to be my dear."
    So ah arrange tae meet her.

    wae a broad smile on ma' face,
    ah head tae where she does wait,
    ma' gentleman's swagger picks up pace,
    as ah dinnae want tae be late.

    ah round the corner only too see,
    the woman that am to meet,
    but before ah kin react to she,
    her hand dose my face greet.

    am knocked backward on my arse,
    and ah look up at her with suprise,
    as ah look upon her, ah realise the farce,
    as she sports preset face number five.

    The simple life of a bard is met,
    full wae times of joy,
    and some times 'o regret,
    cause of the words that they employ.

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    Re: Burns inspired...

    my best poem ever and no comments? </3