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    Re: a poem...

    Not all wb are useless yubs . . .just u and ur WTF?!? build =P


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      Re: a poem...

      :D FISTS FTW! and WTF ME FTW!


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        Re: a poem...

        No one else has made a post,
        So now returns Akane's ghost,
        to rhyme with rage confined within,
        and wax out another poem.

        Lets talk about gear exchanging,
        or as i like to call it, uberness rearranging.
        As is said: "All is fair in love and war",
        But seeing the same gear shared is a bore,
        People you knew you could once beat,
        Now in war make you retreat,
        Their HP has gone up two-fold,
        and their baseless boasting is growing old.
        Them: Yeah you chicken, you better run!
        You: But its not even your gear, wheres the fun?
        Them: Shup im uber now so i'll talk smack
        You: ...until you need to give it back.

        Lets look at this matter a different way,
        If you wore that gear every day,
        Would you ever get your own?
        Or would you just brag about how much u pwn.
        Would you ever farm or refine,
        Or just not play until TW time.

        How about account sharing,
        Never mind the gear you wearing,
        Now your on an old toon,
        No doubt in someone's elses' gear soon.
        How can you not feel shame,
        Your tarnishing someone elses' name,
        You wont have any GM support,
        So when your ass gets PK'd you cant report.

        How about sharing alts?
        In war you see this:
        One in defense the other in assault,
        Imo, is taking the piss.
        Is it dual logging or is it a "friend"
        Can you prove either in the end?

        Ok, so i use some of Jellybeans gear,
        Which iv'e owned for over a year,
        If memory serves i also farmed it,
        And she gave it to me when she quit,
        look at it this way,
        I was 90+ before jelly started to play,
        and within a year,
        she had all her gear.
        And i was still using my hh 90 shi..stuff.
        I gave priority to other peoples build,
        This is what id do for anyone in my guild,
        But over 2 years of ungratefulness,
        left me with a lot of bitterness.
        I never stopped farming as well,
        And when i got better gear i didnt sell,
        I payed the favor forward and would give it to a friend,
        Or give it to their alts to lend.

        Basically what im saying,
        Is people should have more pride when playing,
        Would it be to much to expect,
        Everyone to give each other the same respect.


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          Re: a poem...

          Haha! Your a legend! Punchlines in poems is win lmao; and theyre all true!

          Sticky this thread xD!


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            Re: a poem...

            I just love these poems Akane... :)
            like like like


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              Re: a poem...

              lol cheers dude and ty cry :]


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                Re: a poem...

                Me and you rarely see eye-to-eye Akky, but reading these, I agree with you 100%. There's very little pride left in the server and way too many people with what I call the "High-Rate-Noob-Server" attitude.


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                  Re: a poem...

                  Akky I miss game and in guild.


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                    Re: a poem...

                    but i can abuse u on facebook..

                    so much for ninja quitting


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                      Re: a poem...

                      and you do that so well =P


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                        Re: a poem...

                        Poor attempt, it will remain in the shadows of Akky's poems.

                        I will never give up,
                        And never quit,
                        I put too much money,
                        Into this... game.

                        Yet people troll,
                        People will hate,
                        On someone they don't know,
                        Cos they were told by a mate,
                        Don't like him,
                        He said she's a cow.
                        I heard it from my mate,
                        So let's hate on him now.
                        Hate on him,
                        Hate on his guild,
                        At every event,
                        Make sure they're killed.

                        Things will go on,
                        They'll escalate,
                        'Til nobody remembers,
                        Why there's so much hate.
                        I've disliked people,
                        I've had my reasons why.
                        But I forget old grievances,
                        I don't have to try.
                        How much effort are you wasting,
                        To hate on someone you don't even know?
                        Why not forget?
                        Why not let it go?
                        Let whoever it was
                        Deal with their own problem.
                        Stop trying to support it,
                        Just leave it to them.

                        I've never met you,
                        I don't know who you are,
                        But I don't instantly hate you,
                        I don't really care.
                        People told me to hate you,
                        But I didn't see why.
                        What's the point in dissing you,
                        Just to make you cry?
                        Because there's a person,
                        Behind every toon.
                        All types of people,
                        From lovely to loon.
                        Don't hate because you're told to,
                        Don't hate because you're mad.
                        Just leave it a day,
                        You wont feel so bad.

                        You can say it's all just pixels,
                        You can say it's make believe.
                        Just ignore it,
                        Eventually they'll leave.
                        But tell somebody something,
                        Often enough,
                        They'll start to believe it,
                        And believe me, it gets rough.

                        So next time you think,
                        To use your acid tongue,
                        Just stop and think,
                        How you'd like that, all day long.


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                          Re: a poem...

                          xD just reading through this stuff and was so tempted to try and do another one but i dont even think i can lol not angry enough now?

                          But if anyone else wants to post a few to entertain me please go for it :D


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                            Re: a poem...

                            There once was a dude called Akane
                            who was really all in all quite barmy
                            he would stomp, rage and swear
                            without really much care
                            And continued to abuse all his technology
                            without so much as an apology!

                            that's all i got... =3


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                              Re: a poem...

                              fair nuff <.<