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    Re: allow me this

    Chapter One

    “Everyone dies. Men die, women die, the young and the old die. Isn’t death a part of our every day lives? It would be better if people stop thinking about the inevitable or unexpected and just get on with life”.

    René’ Bastile’s unintentionally cold and emotionless opinions about any given subject are becoming part of a daily routine for me, my name is Kano Kline. A new member of the Public Security Agency of the Imperial Province of Alysium, or PSAA for short. I i was scouted about two months ago from a tavern on the east side of town after I received a public service recommendation for my efforts during the last organised Rancor attack on the city. I had my reasons for accepting the recommendation and it seemed like a good opportunity at the time to escape what had become a life I had no interest in living.

    “I’m with Ren on this one, I think people over think death way to much these days. I mean we all face the risk of death every day, if we let it bother us that much how could we do our jobs?” The predictable echoing of Feredé Bastile agreeing with her younger sister was perpetuating the meaningless conversation that filled the morning silence as our transport delivered us to the monthly assembly. The Bastile’s, a well known military family who have served the empire for generations, their reputation now shouldered solely by the only two daughters of the family, René’ and Feredé. Thanks to the pull their father has with the top brass, i now have the pleasure of serving with both of them together as members of PSAA’s squad two. Not an abuse of power at all. Close is an understatement for these two siblings but they are good at their jobs and are nice enough to know.

    “Yeah, Fred, I know but that’s not what I was meaning. I just meant isn’t that why squad fours team leader was dismissed last month, something to do with losing a team member during an operation that went wrong and them having a break down, or so I heard.” The instigator of such a pointless conversation could be none other than Brera Colt, Another new member to squad two. He joined a short while after I did but our backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Brera Colt, also known as Bernard Coltrane the Second, the fourth and youngest son of Alisdair Coltrane, a Duke of some territory in the far north, still in the empire but not in this province. In short he’s a noble, though for reasons known only to him he renounced his heritage, left home and is now slumming it under the alias Brera Colt, Private of the PSAA. He’s not a bad guy, just a bit out of touch.

    “Can it, Colt!” Squad Leader and all round rough neck, Major Krieg sounds like he enjoys the blithering as much as I do. ‘Don’t talk about our comrades with such casual chit chat, squad fours been through a lot more than you rookies can comprehend, show more respect for those that have died in the line of duty and for those who survived.’ The majors sudden outburst brought back my peaceful morning, the silence was somewhat uncomfortable now though. Major Krieg was that kind of ‘no nonsense’ guy and defiantly the type of guy you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. Been serving with the PSAA for a number of years and served time in battlefields all over the empire before that or at least that’s what Fred says. We call Ferede’ Fred, it’s just easier and some would argue suits her more.

    The sound of the heavy rain lashing upon the carts polished oak roof suited me more than Colts gossiping about squad four, though thanks to him, I’m now thinking about them too. It was hard not to hear about it last month. It was all over the streets because of the town criers and the monthly scroll had printed special editions giving coverage of the events surrounding the incident. “The Tragedy at Boundless” was the hot topic back then.

    According to the media it was a botched PSAA operation handled by squad four that led to the death of all the residents of some no-name settlement out at Boundless Grasslands and one of their own squad members. Suspicion had surrounded squad leader, Rosalie Stern, and her judgement was under question, her trial was put on the spotlight. After the rather short trial had ended, it was quickly announce to the public media that Major Stern was to be dismissed as squad fours leader and dishonourably discharged from the service. It’s like nobody has heard a thing about it since the public announcement, other than the fact that the events surrounding the tragedy are still unknown, even after the questioning of squad fours surviving members.

    “Before we get to this month’s assembly I should give you a short debriefing.” Major Krieg turned to face us from the front of the cart. ‘After the tragedy of boundless, squad fours leader was dismissed as you all know, this month we’ll be witnessing the appointment of their replacement leader, as well as the usual promotional awards for PSAA members and announcements. This week we’ll also be receiving our first mission since your successful admission into the PSAA. Up till now you guys have just been learning the ropes so it’s time to put that knowledge into action. Any questions?”
    We all looked at Krieg, even though he was asking, something about his face said not to ask a question.

    “Alright then.” The Major turned back to his seat .
    Colt nudged Feredé’s leg with his foot like a kid trying to get someone’s attention on the sly. “Who do you suppose squad fours new leader is, Fred?’
    ‘I don’t know’ she said, ‘I didn’t even know squad four was still active. After Major Stern was dismissed I thought the rest of the squad had followed suit.’
    ‘I know, I mean Stern wasn’t the only suspicious one right? I swear, the whole case was fishy.’

    ‘Well I heard none of the other squad members remember what happened, only Stern gave an account of what happened during her trial’ said René’.

    As yet another pointless conversation starts up, I start feeling out of the loop. I make an attempt this time to join in though, if I was honest with myself, something about the incident interested me.

    ‘Wouldn’t the next likely leader be the existing captain of the squad?’I say in an attempt to be social.
    ‘Usually yeah, but in squad fours case the captain was K.I.A remember.’
    ‘I guess that’s why it’s taken this long to announce a replacement?’ said Feredé.
    ‘Well I guess we’ll find out today anyway.’ René added.
    ‘Ah! Now that you mention it squad two doesn’t have a captain either does it?’ said Colt.
    No one offered a reply.

    I never really thought about it before but Colt was right. Squad Two consist of me, Private Kano Kline , squad member for two months, two weeks and one day. The Bastile sisters, Private René Bastile and Private Feredé Bastile , squad members for three months, one week and three days. Private Brera Colt, squad member for one month, three weeks and five days, and then squad leader, Major Krieg who’s been in service to PSAA for years. Come to think of it, except for Major Krieg, squad two is made up of all new recruits. The realization had me curious and I want to ask Krieg about it. But it can wait, for now we need to focus on the assembly.

    ‘Ah! Now that I think about it squad two’s almost entirely newly recruited members. Huh, what’s that about?’ Colts big mouth rang louder than a whisper now. The four of us stared at the back of the Majors unflinching head, waiting for a reaction. It could only have been a few seconds but it felt much longer, there was a tension that could be cut with a knife as the cart trundled along in silence. Krieg must have heard him, but there was no reaction, no ‘Can it, colt!’ not this time.

    Feredé gave Colt a look that would shut any man up. It seems she knows more about it than either Colt or I do, which I would expect from our Information handler or maybe it’s because she’s our senior by a month or so. If I want to know more about it I’ll need to ask her later. It does surprise me though that she knew nothing of squad four still being active. That whole case really is fishy.

    The Monthly Assembly is more of a business event than anything else. It’s mandatory attendance for all PSAA members. That’s everyone from squads one to four, everyone at Head Quarters and even the top brass that represent the PSAA in the Council. The Assembly is also attended by the heads of the city guard as well as private security agencies, the latter usually for scouting purposes and business deals. The event isfunded by the Imperial council and often attended by imperial council members, even press from the monthly scroll have been known to attend to cover the event for the public, most recently to hound the PSAA about the ‘Tragedy of Boundless’ story. At the Assembly the PSAA start off with a ceremony to award any promotions to squad members, also to announce recent developments around the province and give individual squads new assignments. This is only attended by the imperial council and PSAA but after the ceremony the press and other businesses are left to mix. Often new magic’s, technologies and inventions are displayed by the private sectors at booths, it’s like a convention for this kind of business, some of which are sometimes adopted by the public sector and even the PSAA. There’s always something new to be seen. Or so Feredé and René have said, this will be my first time here since as a new recruit I was busy with my induction and training for the first month of joining the PSAA. Same goes for Colt since he joined shortly after I did.

    ‘Look out the window, we’re almost there’ said Krieg. The Built up tension instantly dispersed. ‘Remember to make your way to the ceremony venue straight away. You’re free to take a look around after we’re done there.’
    As I look out the window I see our destination, Thousand Streams city. An impressively large palace type structure built on top of a high plateau.
    ‘It looks like one big building but it’s what the Imperial council call a superstructure, an enclave. It is a city within a single structure.’ René said with a degree of expertise.
    ‘Its base acts as the gateways between the celestial and demonic worlds and is considered to be the most impressive structure in the province.’ Feredé added. I didn’t take the Bastile’s as the type to care about engineering, but then again they both seem to know something about everything.

    ‘is that so...’ I say as I try to peer up at the structure. It really was huge.
    ‘Man, I can’t wait to see the fair they put on.’ Colt said eagerly.
    ‘Even though it’s not officially stated as such, it’s the closest thing to arms convention in the entire province.’ stated Ferede’.
    ‘Yeah, but nothing beats the closing ceremonies firework display,’ René says, giving a deep sigh, as if fondly remembering her last assembly.
    ‘You guys make it sound like a festival. I thought this was business?’ I say.
    ‘An eastern philosopher... I forget who... once said “Fasting at the feast of power refreshes the spirit and senses.” That is... “Sometimes it’s better to do things the fun way than the efficient way”, or something like that.’ said Colt.
    ‘Is that how it is, eh?’

    ‘We could all be dead next week,’ Krieg says, his serious tone diluting the excitement building within us. ‘Doing things like this, it makes the people who are risking their lives daily for the empire forget about their problems. If it was all missions, fighting and death, the average man wouldn’t last long out in the field. We aren’t toy soldiers and this isn’t a game. Death is a part of our job and we should respect it. Remember that next time you talk so casually about other squads.’

    Colts face was tripping him, like a kid that had just been scalded by their parent. It’s clear that Krieg’s seen his fair share of action and carries a heavy heart. ‘Let’s make our first assembly a good one then’. Colt says enthusiastically.
    I smirk at Colt. ‘Sounds like a plan’.

    Feredé and René smile at each other. ‘We’ll show u the best spots for the fireworks after’.
    ‘Ahh you got a date babe’. Colt laughs.
    ‘Uhh, please don’t, you sicken me’. Feredé scoffs.
    ‘Right can the chatter! We’re here.’ Krieg shouts.

    As the cart pulls up to the main entrance of the colossal structure, we are ushered out of the cart like nobility. Before us lies a red carpet leading to a large auditorium, assumingly where the ceremony will be held. The area outside the auditorium is littered with stalls and booths just like a real community fair, but on a large scale. Surrounded by hundreds of people, the auditorium entrance is cordoned off with a red velvet rope and a doorman checking ID’s and allowing entry. Now I really do feel like a noble, not the poor guardsman I was a few months ago. I remember doing similar door work at the weddings of nobles, wishing I could be as privileged as the people that surrounded me. While I was living on bread and vegetables, they feasted on the finest food so casually. It kind of pissed me off.

    ‘I guess this is what you where talking about Major’ I said under my breath.
    Colt seemed bored, his enthusiasm seemed to disappear instantly the moment we arrived, but then I guess the son of a duke would have attended many events similar to this.

    ‘What where you expecting, a hoe down, shindig, hootenanny type affair??’ I said to Colt as I nudged him with my elbow and laughed.
    ‘I dunno...’ I was joking but his face told me I was right. ‘What about you?’ he asked with a look of disappointment on his face.

    ‘’I wasn’t sure, I was expecting it to be a bit more toned down though’. As I look around I see wealthy merchants and important looking people in every direction.
    “Can I interest you in a Tapenade? Sir?’ I heard a waiter to the left of me ask another guest while holding a silver tray of bite size, fancy looking food.
    ‘Would you like a top up, Ma’am?’ I heard another ask to my right, holding a rather expensive looking bottle of champagne.

    ‘Make that a lot more toned down.’ I say while adjusting my bow tie. This being the first time I’ve ever worn a bow tie or a suit for that matter. I never thought it would have been so uncomfortable or I’d have worn a simple tie.
    ‘Doesn’t this make me look like a waiter?’ I say to Colt while fiddling with my collar.
    ‘Relax man, you look smart.’

    ‘You’re messing it up, let me fix it for you.’ René says, tugging at my neck.
    As we approached the doorman he asked me for ID. I didn’t know what ID I was meant to have exactly but I felt out of place already.
    “I said, can I see your ID, sir..please”. I knew that tone, he was looking at me like I was suspicious.

    ‘Can I remind you sir that entry to the ceremony is restricted to imperial council members and PSAA employees only and anyone attempting to enter the auditorium without ID will be, if necessary, forcibly removed.’ The doorman said while rolling up his sleeves. Just as I was going to about face and leave the queue I see the Major approach the doorman. There was a moments silence as Krieg and the doorman stared each other down.

    “Of course, one moment.” Major Krieg said as he reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve a set of documents. He handed the documents over to the doorman and as did he gave me a look, I couldn’t tell if it was a smirk or not because I’ve never seen him smirk before, but I got the feeling the Major had played his first joke on me.
    ‘Well, what are you waiting for’ he said, ‘head into the auditorium and take the seat with your name on it.’

    ‘Yes sir’ I say as I walked past the doorman. I could hear him chuckle as I walked past. I get the feeling the majors done this before and the doorman’s in on it. I look back to see the major and the door man shaking hands and talking about something. The major was smiling, hadn’t seen him do that before either.

    The interior of the auditorium was amazing. I’d never even seen anything like it before. The floor was white marble, as where the pillars holding up the balconies. The walls where covered with large wall hangings, coloured the same red as the carpet, with the golden symbol of the empire in the middle. The ceiling had intricate carvings that where gilded with gold leaf and in the centre had one huge crystal chandelier. I felt like I was standing in the emperor’s palace itself.

    As I walk past row after row of seats I look for my name. Luckily I had René and Ferede with me to point out where the squads are usually seated, off to the side. As we take our seats the hall fills with people, some I recognize from training and others I’ve never seen before. I didn’t realize the PSAA had this many members. The balconies fill with all the high ranking officials and imperial council people, you could tell by their medal covered uniforms. The atmosphere was intense, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt dam regal.

    When I was told I had to dress like I was getting married I didn’t quite expect it to be this upper-class. Seeing René and Ferede in slinky ballroom dresses and wearing jewellery really showed the feminine side I never thought they had, especially Fred. Colt blended in seamlessly to this type of environment, Major Krieg stuck out like a sore thumb, yet, he still seemed comfortable. Maybe it’s because he’s been to so many of these events before. But I was way out of my league and it showed all over my face.

    ‘Are you ok, Kano? ‘Asked Ferede.
    ‘You need to relax man, you are way to tense.’ Said Colt.
    ‘I’m fine.’ I say. ‘How long did you say this lasted?’
    ‘About three hours till the ceremony ends’ says René.
    Three hours. I could stand in defence of the city for twelve hours a day as a guardsman, and yet, ten minutes in this environment feels like a test. It’s not scary, or unpleasant, in fact im enjoying it. But I feel like a fraud. I don’t belong. Other than the major, the others seem to blend in easily. The Bastile’s are well known as an upper class family and Colts practically royalty. The major gets away with it because of his rank, people can see his medals and even though he’s a rough neck he’s fitting in.

    ‘You’ll get used to it.’ said Major Krieg. Who could see my discomfort. ‘This is the hardest part, the ceremony. All the formalities. After this you can relax. Until then sort yourself out Private! Think of it as a test on infiltration. Try not to draw attention to yourself.’ Major Krieg was right. Why was I making a big deal out of it? I guess it’s just culture shock. All my life till this point was spent in the dirt.
    ‘Yes sir.’ I paused, ‘thanks major’.


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      Re: allow me this

      i know i have no real talent for writing but im not submitting a professional work
      You are underselling yourself. Apart from the psuedo-plagiarism of "public sector" from Ghost's" Stand Alone Complex" and the tumble of names early on that were hard to absorb until you read more it was a quite fascinating story, dipping into noir narration and a brilliant use of dialogue that easily put the words in your head as though spoken by the various people. Some stories use dialogue and it's hard to realise who is saying what unless you add..."he said" or "she said" or "Ralph told Emily".... The way you just tossed around lines and it was instantly recognisable who was speaking without using such crass methods speaks of talent. As for the content, that was sheer genius in its originality and I was awestruck by it. You made a thoroughly enjoyable story out of nothing. There was no drama, no event of crisis, nothing but a simple daily event as a setting for your fairly well rounded characters. In such a short piece the characters have already come to life, they feel real and not some two-dimensional cardboard cutouts. Well done, I really enjoyed it... Bring on more of the Pee.Ess.Double A for us to read.


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        Re: allow me this

        dam ame, now heres a lady tht has s perfected the art of giving a compliment. i know ive officially quit the game but i fear i may stalk the forums a while >.< if i can continue the story i might, but i rlly dont think the story does ur review justice lol but tyvm for it.

        oh yh i was watchin alot of S.A.C as is easy to see in the story i guess, wasn't trying to rip it tho, public security section 9 is just such a good concept and i guess i was trying to get the same style in my story as would be the type if s.a.c was converted to a novel...or summat like tht lol

        some of the names are inspired by A: my own characters and B: macross frontier lol brera colt, rosalie stern = brera stern (macross) lol

        i asked a writer friend if tht was a bad idea but they just said if the name means sumthin to u then it works, theres more than one john in the world after all.

        my concept for the PSAA though heavily inspired by S.A.C's section 9, was my attempt at trying to give more depth to the world PW is set in, other than general sorely and the guards at invasion u never see anything like a city guard or legion actively dong anything type thing that a city in the mythic period of china would have had. even a wee militia. so i thot id make a story centered around a section 9 styled unit for Alysium lol was gunna give more detail on the private sectors as i called em, which i think i would hav used for the idea of our guilds. e.g Origins Inc lol and some back story of the guard, but rlly from the start of what i posted to the end i was winging it 100%.

        i mean u never hear anything about homelands or any bordering country or territory or anything in the game PW, take oblivion as an example of what i mean. set in imperial province cyrodil, surrounded by home lands and territories in an empire called Tamriel, yet cyrodil itself is very much like our Alysium in that it contains all these different races settlement type cities. so when i hinted about Alisdair Coltrane being a duke in a norther territory tht was gunna be the beginning of yet more back story set elswhere, just to try and expand the small and sometimes claustrophobic Alysium :/

        As for what u meant about Noir, i'll be honest with u, i dint know what u meant exactly till i wiki'd it, thts how clueless i am ;P BUT after reading the description i can think of one reason alone as to why i seem to write in tht style. my favorite author or rather..the author whos books ive read the most is a scottish writer from Fife called Ian Rankin, knows as the father of Tartan Noir lol now tht i know more about it i might try aim for it intentionally in future piffle on a page ;D

        well im rambling, but such a comment stirred a conversation in me :s thnx again


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          Re: allow me this

          Chapter two

          If you think sitting in an auditorium packed with self important aristocrats, merchants and politicians while wearing a suit and bow tie that is choking the life out of me is my idea of a good time, you would be quite wrong in that assumption. However, as I sit here, listening to Chancellor Albus of the imperial council drone on and on about recently introduced policies and current developments between the PSAA and council, I can’t help but feel somewhat more important than I did a few months ago, as a member of the imperial city guard. Back then I’d spend days, weeks, months even standing at the western gate, spear in hand. Greeting travelling merchants, performers, mercenary types, nobles, peasants and clergy, one after the other they would pass me by like I wasn’t there. All part of the job but it was a boring life.

          It was a normal evening. The gate had as much traffic as ever and it was warm with a mild breeze. I stand silently in defence of the city for twelve hours a day, like every other day before this one, it was as peaceful as ever too. Aside from the everyday hustle and bustle of a busy city, the day was rather uneventful.

          “Two tourists, one cutpurse and a cart with a busted wheel. Not a bad shift.” I say to the guardsman that had appeared to relieve me off my duty. He was a much older than myself but of a heavy build, the scars on his hand showing that he had far more experience than me too.

          “Consider yourself lucky.” He said as he saw me inspecting his hands while I pass him over my spear, evidence of the local authorities’ tight budget.

          “You forgot the drunken transient, Kano.” Laughed my partner guard, Train Beretta, who was also being relieved of his duty. Train was of elfkin, rare for a city guard. Their usually more suited for the schools of magic’s or ranged combat but Train, standing there in his plate mail, passing over his spear, was a rare breed. An elf without a lineage. Most elfkin are from well-to-do families and are more upper crust than the likes of guardsmen. But not Train, as he would put it he was born and bred right here in the imperial gutters of the Dragon City and he’s just a rat crawling out. ‘Im aiming for the cheese on the emperor’s dining table.’ He would often say, so ambitious is probably an understatement.

          “He was a little tipsy, not like he did anything wrong.” I said.
          ‘He pissed on the wall and proceeded to sit in the same spot...’
          ‘Really? Must have missed that.’
          ‘I believe you had you had your head parallel to a donkeys arse, fixing a wheel.’
          ‘Ahh, so I did.’

          As we talked we headed into town through the gates, Train taking care to step over where he claimed the drunkard had done his business in order to emphasize his joke, Train was funny like that.

          ‘I think I’ll pass. Im not carrying you back to the barracks again, Train.
          ‘You’ll regret it.’
          ‘Regret what?’
          ‘Being so tense all the time.’
          ‘I’m not tense, I’m on duty again in a few hours and I want my bed.’
          ‘You’ll die young thinking like that.’
          ‘Your livers the one that’s going to die young.’
          ‘Please, you drink just as much as me.’
          ‘Yeah, off duty.’

          Train looks at me with a face that can only denote a mischievous intent. I know this face. It’s his favorite face. It’s the one he uses to get me to do things I usually don’t do. Like wolf whistling at the more attractive women that pass through the gate or purposely giving tourists the wrong directions.

          As two full tankards of the cheapest ale are slammed in front of me, I flinch as I had already started to nod off.

          “Get those in you, Kano. You’ll sleep better.”
          ‘It’s not the sleeping I’m worried about, it’s the getting back to the barracks and the getting up on time for my next shift I’m worried about.’
          ‘Well, keep drinking these till you stop worrying about it then.’ Train picked up one of the two tankards and chugged its contents with not one loose drip.’

          The hustle and bustle of west gate paled in comparison to the festivities in here at the Drunken Druid tavern, located on the east side of town, the tavern is a haunt for many dock workers, fishermen, naval officers and even the odd pirate.

          ‘There’s no doubt in my mind shoddy and just plain illegal stuff happens here.’
          ‘But that’s the navy’s problem not ours.’

          It’s quite a large space, filled with round wooden tables and stools that had seen plenty of bar fights as the botched repair jobs where obvious. On the left side from the entrance there was the bar, behind it was shelves filled with wines and liquors.

          ‘Watered down to the point of drowning no doubt.’
          ‘Probably! But you can’t water down the ale!’

          On the right hand wall there was a mantle and fire burning away, above it a deer’s head mounted on a plaque. The floors where dotted with red carpets and the wall’s with many portraits of famous patrons, past and present. On the wall furthest from the entrance was a bulletin board posted with the wanted poster of many bandits, thieves, rouges and general scum. Some, murderers usually, offering huge rewards.

          Train was always going on about how we should take up a contract and get rich splitting the bounties. Nothing ever came of it though as it was against the rules for guardsmen to do contracts. If I was honest I’d often thought about leaving the guard and seeing if I could make my way here.

          “We could hit it big, you know.” Train said to me as I was looking over at the bulletin board.
          ‘Aye....’ the thought hung for a second. Looking at the prices of the bounties sure was enough to convince most men and women alike to try it out; some offered as much as ten times a guardsman’s monthly wage, others even more.

          ‘I’m gunna do it, Kano.’
          ‘Yeah, sure. Wait, what?’ I was surprised. We’ve talked about it before but never actually said what Train just said.
          ‘I’m tired of the guard.’
          ‘You’re not serious?’
          ‘..the menial wage...’
          ‘You are not seriously thinking of..’
          ‘..the ridiculous hours..’
          ‘ You are serious aren’t you?’
          ‘..aren’t you, Kano?’
          ‘.....Train, are you being serious??’
          ‘Of course I’m serious! I’m aiming for..’
          ‘...the emperors cheese. Yeah, ive heard that a hundred times before, Train.’
          ‘It was only a matter of time before I actually did it, Kano. All these talks over ale weren’t for nothing, not for me anyway.’
          ‘You’re talking about dereliction of duty...’
          ‘It’s not dereliction of duty!’s desertion.
          ‘Same bloody difference, Train.
          ‘So I guess you’re not commin with me?’

          I didn’t know what to say to Trains question. We’ve been joking about being bounty hunters for the past two years, about how we’d go after the big catches and live like nobles and taking contracts all over the Empire. How we’d buy a ship and set sail for other continents in search of adventure. I thought it was all just escapism from our mundane lives. But Train..

          ‘Guess your silence says it all.’ And with that Train finished the rest of his ale and slammed the tankard down once more, chipping the tables surface this time. Standing up and grabbing his crimson cloak off the back of the chair, Train pauses a moment.
          ‘You’re going?’ I said, looking up at Train.

          That mischievous look was on his face again, but it wasn’t quite the same as before, it was mixed with something else. Anger, sadness, I wasn’t sure but it wasn’t normal.


          After putting his cloak on, Train picked up the stool he had been sitting on. Suddenly he turned to a big, tough looking man that was sitting behind us at the other table and violently smashed the stool across the mans head. The man crashed forward, spilling the drinks of the equally big and tough looking men sitting at his table.

          ‘Dammit Train, have you lost your mind?!’

          ‘He’s about to lose his bloody head!’ a voice roared, another friend of the poor unconscious fellow Train had struck down.

          A fist flew towards Trains face; it was a clumsy shot from a pissed and likely inexperience bar brawler, which he avoided easily. The kick from a rather more experienced bar brawler however had landed itself in Trains gut. Witnessing the kick to a member of the guard, but not the act of violence committed before, three guardsmen sitting at a table on the other side of the room leaped into action.

          Seeing the backup arrive, the poor unconscious fellow’s friends engaged the three guardsmen with yet more stool throwing. It wasn’t long before the taverns patrons where brawling their hearts out.

          Amidst the bedlam that had been unleashed because of Train, I had lost sight of him. It didn’t take me long to figure out what Train was planning. He was going to disappear tonight.

          After crawling over and under the patrons participating in the large scale fight I found my way to the taverns door. Before I opened and headed out I turned to see tankards and splinters flying everywhere, tools and tables being smashed and people jumping into the fray, smiles on faces. It was that kind of pub.

          I find myself on the cobbled street, it was pitch black now and it had been raining. The black cobble shining in the glow of the street lamp like polished jet. If Train was doing what I think he was doing then he’ll be heading back to the barrack to pick a few things up.

          Desertion is a serious crime. It wasn’t long ago deserters would receive a death penalty, but thanks to a reformation in the imperial council, the death penalty has been outlawed in all imperial provinces and territories. Train probably saw that as his opportunity. The stupid bastard. He’s on a five year contract to the guard just like me, he can’t leave. They own us. Though I can understand how he feels, we’re the same after all.

          I rush to the barracks, cutting through the moistened alley ways, the streets are quiet. The full moon overhead illuminating my path through. The bar brawl slowed me down as Train had no doubt planned, I need to close his lead he gained and stop him from making the mistake of a life time. I’ll just knock him out and put him in the cell for the night, tell the boss it was the ale. At worst he’ll only get a slap on the wrist then. I think.

          As I approach the barracks I hear shouting.

          ‘Sound the Alarm!’
          ‘They caught Train? I panted as I picked up my pace.

          The voices grew louder and I could now hear the clashing of metal. A fight was breaking out.

          ‘We’re under attack!’

          It wasn’t Train. The city was being attacked.


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            Noooo you can't end it there, I was panting like a dog on a hot summer's afternoon and the story ends. You are so mean! :lol: :lol:

            I need Chapter Three quickly or my tiny brain may dissolve like an Alka Seltser in a glass of acid.


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              lil bit burned out after doin tht chapter 2 but i got sum ideas floatin for chapter 3, might start it tomorow.

              i just got sum perfect music to write too aswel for chaper 3. coupled with the ideas i already hav im goin to try making chapter 3 a nice size but wwe'll see, i hope i can get the crap in my brain onto the page lol

              heres a taster of the music



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                the "weed" years revisited.