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    Hello PW Europe, index here.
    I've been working on an PWE related application in my free time and have decided to 'release' it for you.

    It currently offers a simple Daily quest tracking feature currently allowing you to check off the daily's you have done and save it so it loads when application is opened again. But i plan to add more features later on.
    Planned Features:
    > Title management/Information

    • This is a personal project and dose not reflect Vision, PWE or any of its staff.
    • Its a work in progress so you may find bugs (please report them to me and ill try fix them)

    Latest Download link:

    Previous Versions:

    Virus check using Here

    Feel free to leave suggestions for additional features to add.
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    ~Change Log~
    Version :

    Changes/Features -
    >Improved timer, will check less when reminder deadline is further away.
    >Your now able to interact with other aspects of the Application when the Quest Web window is open.
    >A pop-up window will now appear when a deadline has been reached. This window will disappear after hovering over.
    >reminder input fields will now clear themselves once you added your reminder.
    >You may now delete reminders from the list by selecting them and using the delete button.
    >Your reminder will now save. They will auto upon closing program if you have this enabled.
    >If you have reminders saved they will auto load.
    >Updated 'About' Message box

    Known Issues:
    >Version number incorrectly showing as (Should be

    Version :
    Bug Fixes -
    >Fixed bug which cased an error when importing new quest, when you already had one loaded in.
    >Fixed list box not updating when re-importing.
    >Fixed Crashes when trying to import without the questlist.txt files

    Changes/Featuress -
    >Program now automatically loads your saved DailyList.
    >files now save in the same folder as the application rather than user\'username'\AppData\locals\'ApplicationName'\' version number'
    >Added a Timer section which allows user custom timers.
    -This feature you will be able to make 'reminders' giving them a name, day, time. once you click Start timers the program will checked and inform you when the deadline had been reached.
    This feature is in its very early stages.

    Upcomming -
    ~Saving 'Reminders'
    ~Pop up notifying you that your notification time is now
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      Version has now been Added
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        Version is now out!
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          Project has been halted, as i'm busy working on other things. if/when i start work on this again ill update you guys here :)
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