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  • The GM Team

    Quick Presentation of the server team:

    Server/Forum Admins

    FranK - Server Administrator / GM / Forum Administrator.

    Isamu - Admin/Forum Admin

    Satine - Admin/Forum Admin

    GM Team Hemera

    Isamu -GM Team Manager / Head GM

    Satine - GM & GS Team Manager / Head GM




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    Re: The GM Team

    Some extra info as requested:-

    Server admin
    - runs the server, installed the updates, etc etc. The tech guy.

    Forum admin - runs the forum, making new boards, banning accounts that need banning etc etc. Also can moderate posts.

    Forum Moderator
    - what it says on the tin, they moderate the forum, editing, moving, deleting etc. Policing the forum basically, but also helping out if something is posted in the wrong place for example.

    Manager GM- runs the GM team, runs the GS team. Responsible for the smooth running of the GM team, hiring and sadly firing, keeping the GM team as happy as possible. Also fills the roll of a GM, organising and running events, policing the game, assisting players if possible. Responds to tickets. Has additional admin access. Additional duties as requested by the Server admin.

    GM - A full GM, can oranise and run events, police the server, assist players where possible.

    Event GM
    - A GM dedicated to events. They can organize and run events as they are approved to do so. Basic assisting and policing in-game, but their main priority is to plan, organize and run events.

    Support GM
    - Somebody fairly new to the team, still been trained etc. They can organize and run events as they are approved to do so, but need to get approval for them first (so that they don't try to do something they haven't been trained for), basic policing of the server, assisting players where they can.

    We hope this clears up the titles for those who needed clarification.

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      Re: The GM Team

      A big welcome to TRiNiTY/Zhozhard (saeldur on the forum)

      And more GM are going to join us, i ll update this post with their in game name very soon.


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        Re: The GM Team

        We have now a new Forum assistance Team and the first member is Sunshine. :)

        Their job is to help you with game and forum related issues.

        Welcome Sunshine to our team and good luck! :)


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          Re: The GM Team

          Please welcome Teioh to the Hemera GM team, go easy and be nice :) (updated to reflect current team )


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            I'd like to introduce and welcome Xylef to the team.
            Xylef will be joining us as a dedicated Event GM to provide frequent events to the server.
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              Hmm Arrabella misses in the list, and satine =P ur stormbringer misses in ur signature =P

              Welcome Xylef =D
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                satine your also listed twice as stellah and satine :P
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                  Updated all, ty for the pointers :)
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