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"Lost Hare" quest broken.

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  • "Lost Hare" quest broken.

    The first bit goes fine we go to the PW Promotions Agent and hand in, we then get teleported to South Arch.
    Now, when we get teleported here there isn't exactly anything to do, the first quest "mid- autumn notice" has vanished, but if we go to quest log find quests there is or should be a new quest under daily called "Lost Hare" to start this quest there should be an NPC called "Lady in the Moon" which (according to PW database) should be where the first quest had teleported us to.

    I believe this is a new quest as on PW database it says "Quest Time 2015/9/27 08:00 - 2015/10/4 " does this mean we can only do the quest at 8am or is it that because its new we don't have the NPC or its just happens to be broke?

    Anyway I thought I'd post it on here to make y'all aware.
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