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Gm Assistance Please (or anyone knowledgeable)

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  • Gm Assistance Please (or anyone knowledgeable)


    Well you see after a problem comes another problem.
    I also had the error 0xc0150002.

    Well i was able to follow the instructions and after that i verified my launcher and it is now upto date Patch is 612

    Well i was all pretty hyped about it when the loading screen appeared.

    And then it vanished and i was like [email protected]?#

    and after i closed down it gave me this notice

    Can you assist me please? my hands are itching to play this game :/

    i'm sorry if this is something not that technical but i am just a kid who knows nothing about these. so if you could assist me i would be glad to have your service

    But please ._.
    Hurry up

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    Ok im sorry to say this but me my self cant figure out what error this is. ive tried using trusty google and importing the image into it going up and i recive Visual suggestion that active domain error but it dosent seem the same msg so i wont trust that. all i can suggest really is try reinstalling the client (if oyu havent already) and see if that fixes any problems.
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      Check if u have the latest DirectX installed

      also check
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