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Level 11 Deaden Nerves

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  • Level 11 Deaden Nerves

    I was looking at the sage version of deaden nerves (assassin skill) and noticed it said 0.4 second channel time, instead of the like 1.6 second of level 10, but when i used it i noticed it was still the same slow channel as level 10, so since the skill said 0.4 seconds i assumed my game must be needing verification, so i tried that and it ran for about 6 hours and still was not even halfway done and appeared to be frozen, so i closed it and tried to launch the game, the game would not launch so now i am in the process of reinstalling the game and updating it, could you look into this and see if its a problem on my end, or if the skill is messed up? it wouldnt be a big deal but a lot of my skills upgrade to have less chan and cast times, so if this one is messed up having all of them not working correctly would be bad

    Thanks for your help - Dog

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      Hello Dog,

      Thanks for bringing the skill to our attention, I'll have a look at the skill on my skin to compare. it's *unlikely* to be your side as skills go through the server (prevents hacks), and cast them how they should be anyway. I'll double check with my character anyway. If this is incorrect server side, unfortunatly we don't generally tend to interfere with skill fixes, and just wait to get the fix from a new PWI patch.

      Usually the verification will run a very long time, when it starts to slow generally that means that it is downloading a file to fix from the server, so stopping it half way may have corrupted the downlaod and also caused the game to crash.

      I'd suggest a clean install from the download link on our website.

      Let me know if you still have trouble getting in game, and i'll have a closer look :)

      Kind regards,
      PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
      Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah


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        alright im back in game and got married yesterday lol, but if you could look into the skills, a lot of the assassin skills get reduced channels and cast times as well as damage buffs, so after you test let me know how it turns out please, it would be appreciated