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  • Tradeble A cards

    heya guys how are yall?

    i was thinking since with last suggestion to make a npc to get S cards easier was turned down since that cant be created, i figured since cards can be made tradble to make just A cards tradble. it would help ppl get at least a good A card set and use that till they eventually get nuema or whatever. would help market and instead wasting A cards they dont need especially ppl alrdy with nuema set rb2 then could make some money selling there A cards to ppl who need or give it away to them. what would yall think of that idea?

    Have great day xiu

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    Sorry for the late reply!

    The short answer; no.

    The long winded answer; we definitely wont be custom editing the cards to be globally tradable upon acquisition. That being said we may consider alternatives to the cards which are <S.
    Addressing the issues with cards being extremely limited gear to non-donators is topical among the team, and we are generally trying to think of ways to introduce a system which will not de-value the item. So please do post any ideas you have, even though we've said no to both of yours any ideas are welcome.

    Kind regards,
    PwE Game Master & Game Sage Manager
    Satine Satiyn SATiNE Satina Stellah