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    Hi all,
    I wish to propose a method that will allow S cards to be more attainable for players, especially when looking to complete a set. As we all know getting a full set of cards is very expensive, sometimes too expensive for most casual players which sets a huge divide in power in the community. Recently I have done a little research and come up with a possible idea to rectify the problem I see. The amount of people I see only needing one more card to complete the Nuema Portal set is worrying, and I dare to think of the price people would have to pay especially since the chance of getting any S card in the 20 gold chests is 0.02%.Which is equivalent of the chance of getting Sky Cover or Coud Stir in a Sochi pack, however there is 52 different S cards to choose from so in essence for every 52 rings, one of them would be a Nuema Portal ring. Now you have the rarity in perspective imagine the cost of a full set of 6 cards. Now to my proposal, War Avatar Artifact is attained by accepting a quest to recycle any S card to this item. S cards can't be devoured so take up lots of space in War Avatar Bag by the end. The War Avatar Artifact has no usefulness in the game but is rumoured to be used to make S+ cards soon in official. I think implementing a trade system for these items to craft cards of your choosing. This in no way makes it easier to attain to NP cards because you will have to have had a certain number of S cards to make into the item for the trade, it just gives duplicates or unneeded cards a use that can help with unnecessary spending for that final card which has a 0.02 chance. And also it doesn't reduce the income of the owner because people will still have to donate to get the S cards for trading and also reawakening and card levelling, it just reduces the frustration of it all which has led to many people leaving the server. The server is famed for being Free to Play however the S cards really make it Pay to Win. In summary I propose a trade NPC that can create any S card from the War Avatar Artifact ( a useless item attained from recycling s cards ) I look forward to hearing people's views on this and other possible ideas so that we as a community can come up with an idea to make every aspect of the game more accessable. If anyone would like to agree with this or dispute it, please feel free to do so in the comments so we can refine this idea into a good system.

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    still be unbalanced since ppl as u said alrdy got tons of S cards they dont need they can get nuema set easily compared to someone who cant waste lots of money to buy card chests. *sometimes too expensive for most casual players which sets a huge divide in power in the community.* the divide still be huge. nothing will have really changed besides for u since u alrdy got S cards to waste and been wanting to get ur set complete for some while. seems useless to do for me anyway. divide still be there and u and others who got the S cards to waste just be in the upper dmg divide not lower.


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      or make the s cards tradeable this will make it easier for player to farm and buy s-cards and also adds a new market time to game. and bumb the % of getting the nuema up or change the packs to s-b cards like the ones u get from jfsp instead of s-c


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        this is a useless conversation, the gms, mods and owner will read it but do nothing about it. so there is no point in trying.