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More Uses for Supply Tokens

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  • More Uses for Supply Tokens

    Hello :) i was wondering if it would be possible to put a forge that takes supply tokens for TT mats and other things that are sometimes not easily accessible, this way players that cant farm for their gear, or don't have time can do NW on the weekends and then be able to progress that way, also if you could put a way to gain exp and spirit through this new forge that would also big a huge help to those same people who may not have time to run frost covered cave for exp.

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    Thank you for your suggestion
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      yeah, WS badges too please


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        the ability to trade ST for WS Badges I mean


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          i dont wanna speak out of place but making all the mats needed to craft stuff being able to get by using ST will make people just farm NW and everyone will stop farming the dungeons, so that will make people only log on for the hours that NW is on